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“For the one who delivers the Sacred Ashes of Our Lady will have the esteem of Redcliffe, and all the riches it is in my power to grant.”

Isolde is the wife of the renowned Arl Eamon Guerrin of Castle Redcliffe and the mother of their young son, Connor.


Isolde originally hailed from Orlais but moved to Redcliffe in Ferelden when her father was assigned there as its new governor. Isolde's family didn't take to their new home and task very happily, aware that the nine previous Orlesian Arls of Redcliffe had been assassinated by the Banns—or beheaded by Emperor Reville (for failure, most likely).

Isolde met Eamon Guerrin, the rightful heir to the lands of Redcliffe controlled by her father, and became smitten with him because he was part of the resistance; even though it was her own family he opposed. Though her infatuation proved one-sided at the time, Isolde kept helping the resistance by passing on information. When the Orlesians were eventually driven out, Isolde elected to stay in Denerim with a cousin who'd married a Fereldan.

Six years after they had first met, Eamon once again crossed paths with Isolde on a trip to Denerim. The two started a relationship, and she returned with him to Redcliffe, where the two married. Their union was rather controversial, as some people believed Isolde to be an Orlesian spy. When Isolde became pregnant after difficulty conceiving, long-buried gossip claiming Alistair to be Eamon's bastard son resurfaced, and Isolde became fixated on the idea of her husband's "proper Fereldan son". In 9:20 Dragon, Eamon sent Alistair to a monastery to spare his wife's feelings. Connor was born on an exceptionally warm afternoon and had the immediate affection of his father.[1]


Dragon Age: Origins[]

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Dragon Age: Origins.

Unbeknownst to Eamon, Isolde has magic in her family, and this trait has been inherited by her son. As Isolde was a pious woman, Connor being a mage was humiliating to her. She was also adamant that her husband, Eamon, never find out as she was certain that he would turn him over to the Circle of Magi—which infuriated her.

In an attempt to keep Connor by her side (as he would be disinherited and sent to the Circle if his talents were discovered), she hires Jowan, an apostate mage that was recommended to her by Loghain Mac Tir, to teach her son in secret—just enough to hide his abilities. One of Isolde's maids, Valena, believed Isolde was having an affair with Jowan, not being aware of Connor's magic.

However, due to his lack of training, Connor becomes possessed by a Desire Demon while trying to find a cure for his father, who has been poisoned by Jowan under Teyrn Loghain Mac Tir's orders. Arlessa Isolde—thinking that Jowan summoned a demon to torment her family and destroy Redcliffe—demanded that Jowan put an end to the undead attacks. She and her men apprehended Jowan and had him tortured in an effort to coerce him to end the demonic hostilities. However, since Jowan was not the source of the trouble, there was nothing Jowan could say or do that would appease her. Eventually, they gave up on coercing Jowan and left him imprisoned in the Redcliffe Dungeons.

Isolde is aware that an "evil" is turning Connor insane and that Connor has been the one sending the hordes of undead to attack Redcliffe Village every night. She tries to placate Connor as much as possible but handling the boy becomes increasingly difficult since Connor's true personality only occasionally breaks through and his periods of sanity ends every time the Desire Demon gains control over his body.

Once the battle between Redcliffe Village and the undead was over, Isolde and a Redcliffe guard sneak out of the castle to ask her brother-in-law, Teagan Guerrin, to return with her to Redcliffe Castle alone; supposedly because Isolde hopes Teagan can reason with Connor but it is implied to be a trap. Teagan agrees to go with Isolde and gives The Warden his signet ring, which will allow them to infiltrate Redcliffe Castle via a secret entrance.

Isolde omitted Connor's possessed state and blamed Jowan for the horrors Connor unleashed in order to protect her son. However, Connor's condition as an abomination becomes evident when the Warden witnesses Connor mind control Teagan in the castle and reveals Jowan's testimony. The Warden manages to drive off Connor and contain him in the upper floor of the castle but it is uncertain how long he will remain passive. Nevertheless, Isolde still wishes to help her son.

During the Arl of Redcliffe quest, Isolde is willing to do anything to save her son, and when a Blood Magic ritual is suggested as a means of entering the Fade and killing the Desire Demon there, she offers to sacrifice her own life to save his. If the Warden chooses to kill Connor to defeat the demon, Isolde will plead for another solution, but Teagan will restrain her while the Warden confronts the demon. Isolde arrives just in time before the Warden deals the killing blow to Connor. Isolde will plead and demand that they find another way to save her son and the Warden can acquiesce to her demand. Connor will express that he is in pain and revert to the desire demon's personality, which mocks Isolde for irrationally endangering everyone out of foolish sentimentality. Ultimately, Isolde will lose heart and will offer to make the killing blow, as it is her responsibility and she wants to be there to comfort Connor in his final moments. If the Warden doesn't indulge Isolde's pleading, the Warden can render her unconscious and proceed to kill Connor themselves.

Isolde and Connor can both survive if the Warden obtains the Circle of Magi's assistance when entering the Fade.

If Isolde lives but Connor is killed, she will speak to the Warden shortly after the ritual, expressing her sorrow and wondering how many of her family will have to die. Alistair will also confront the Warden back at camp and state that he would have preferred Isolde to have died instead of Connor, reasoning that she was responsible for starting the whole mess.

If Isolde dies via Jowan's ritual, Alistair will confront the Warden back at camp, shouting at them for letting Isolde sacrifice herself and using blood magic.

If Isolde lives, she will stand alongside Teagan as the two inform the Warden of Isolde's prior attempts to have the Redcliffe knights search for the Urn of Sacred Ashes. She will also be there to greet Eamon when he awakes and inform him of what has occurred regarding Connor. Depending on whether Connor lived or died, she may be more sullen, constantly referencing Connor's death or grateful and optimistic due to his survival.

During the Landsmeet, at least one servant in the Arl's estate will wonder why Eamon didn't bring Isolde with him to Denerim.


  • If Connor lives, Isolde is not mentioned in the epilogue.
  • If Connor dies, Isolde becomes pregnant again, but dies while giving birth to a daughter. Eamon names the girl Rowan, after his late sister. Later, the girl turns out to be a mage, and Eamon sends her to the Circle of Magi, where he visits her often.

Dragon Age II[]

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Dragon Age II.

If Isolde survived:
Isolde was invited as a guest of Duke Prosper to Chateau Haine. She dislikes Dulci de Launcet and will interrupt Hawke's conversation with Teagan Guerrin to complain about her.


The Arl of Redcliffe The Arl of Redcliffe

Codex entries[]

Codex entry: Arlessa Isolde Codex entry: Arlessa Isolde


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

If both Arlessa Isolde and Connor are saved with the aid of the Circle of Magi, the codex may state that either one, or both of them, died during the events at Redcliffe Castle, even though both continue to appear in the game.

If this happens it is possible that during Dragon Age Inquisition villagers of Redcliffe will state that either Isolde or Connor died during the events of Origins.

If Isolde is sacrificed to save Connor, it is possible for the codex to state that both she and Connor survived after the Warden enlisted the aid of the Circle.

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