Isabela's Ongoing Search is an Act 2 companion quest for Isabela in Dragon Age II, where she asks for help with another lead on the Relic.

Acquisition Edit

Received with other companion quests as Hawke begins Act 2.

Walkthrough Edit

Go to The Hanged Man and speak with Isabela.

First response:
Diplomatic: Rivalry small Isabela: rivalry (+5)
Humorous: Friendship small Isabela: friendship (+5)
Aggressive: Friendship small Isabela: friendship (+5)

Second response:
Flirt: Friendship small Isabela: friendship (+20)
Diplomatic: Friendship small Isabela: friendship (+10)
Humorous: Friendship small Isabela: friendship (+15)
(tested on PC, Xbox and PS3 patch 1.04: no approval change for the humorous option.) Using aggressive response results in no approval gain/loss.

Result Edit

The max Friendship you can get is Friendship small Isabela: friendship (+25) The max Rivalry you can get is Rivalry small Isabela: rivalry (+5). If you chose to flirt with her, you begin a romance with Isabela.

Notes Edit

  • The Flirt dialogue "I'll do it for a kiss" is sufficient to instantly begin a romance with Isabela. She will visit Hawke the next time the player returns home. Note that activating her romance will cut off the necessary dialogue option with Fenris until she is explicitly broken up with, and if his Questioning Beliefs quest, the quest in which this essential prompt is found and selected, is completed before then, it will become impossible to pick up a romance with Fenris. Isabela's option, on the other hand, remains available even if the player has slept with Fenris, but if the player has advanced a romance with Anders or Merrill to the point of them moving into the estate, this Flirt option will disappear entirely.
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