Isabela's Contact is a companion quest for Isabela in Dragon Age II. The Rivaini pirate offers Hawke a job.

Acquisition Edit

This quest becomes available after the completion of the secondary quest, Fools Rush In.

Walkthrough Edit

Travel to The Hanged Man pub in Lowtown, and speak with Isabela. She will offer Hawke a job helping a friend of hers named Martin who has a room at the pub.

The diplomatic option gives Friendship small Isabela: friendship (+10) while the aggressive option gives Rivalry small Isabela: rivalry (+10). The charm option results in no change.

Result Edit

Completing this quest unlocks the secondary quest, Finders Keepers.

Notes Edit

  • If you complete Finders Keepers before talking to Isabela and initiating this quest, you will not get any of the dialogue choices. Thus, it is advised you talk to Isabela before you talk to Martin in the Hanged Man.
  • Agreeing to help Martin in Finders Keepers will grant Friendship small Aveline: friendship (+10) (as of v 1.00: only Friendship small Aveline: friendship (+5)).
  • Bringing Isabela and Aveline with you may grant Friendship small (+5) to each.
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