Ironbark is a material and a plot item in Dragon Age: Origins.

Background Edit

Ironbark is a unique substance that is stronger and lighter than steel, making it a good material from which to craft weapons, although it can be used in the making of other things as well. Elves traditionally harvest ironbark only from a tree which is already dead. The Dalish elves appear to be the only people capable of effectively working with ironbark. Because of this, ironbark is seldom seen in the hands of humans.

Acquisition Edit

It can be found on a fall tree located in the eastern part of the West Brecilian Forest.

Ironbark Fallen Tree

Fallen Tree which contains Ironbark

Trivia Edit

  • In Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne, Loghain Mac Tir remembered an elf named Potter from his camp who was given an ironbark blade by some Dalish elves (or so he claimed) that he later pawned for a good price. Likewise, Loghain also noted that a young Dalish elf had an ironbark amulet which the elf in question claimed that it was a gift from the clan's Keeper.
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