What's the most pieces you've ever cut someone into in a single swing? I'm up to three, but I have some ideas.

The Iron Bull is a one-eyed Qunari mercenary and companion in Dragon Age: Inquisition.


Before he became known as the Iron Bull, he was a brilliant agent of the Ben-Hassrath. Hunting down spies, rebels, deserters - the Iron Bull did it all. However, by 9:40 Dragon, the Iron Bull had burned out and had been assigned to Orlais where he founded the Bull's Chargers mercenary company on orders of the Ben-Hassrath. The Iron Bull used his mercenaries to gather information on Orlesian nobles, feeding the intelligence to the Ben-Hassrath[5]. Though he still reports to his old masters, time in Orlais led to something of an identity crisis for the Iron Bull[6].

He remains in command of the Bull's Chargers, though spends much of his time drinking, sleeping around, and overindulging - all clear violations of the Qun. Despite his unusually friendly demeanor and lax attitude to his philosophy, the Iron Bull still has a loyalty to the Qun which dies hard. He does not proselytize, but neither does he apologize for his way of life[5].


The Iron Bull will apparently be hired by the Inquisitor to fight the demons invading Thedas as a result of the Breach[6]. He sends reports to the Ben-Hassrath on the Inquisition and the Breach, though also relays information to the Inquisitor[5].


  • According to David Gaider, Iron Bull "fears nothing but the past".[1]
  • He is described as "The Muscle".[7]
  • When comparing Iron Bull to food, Patrick Weekes describes him as "either rump roast for size or chili dog for delicious bad decisions." [8]
  • According to Patrick Weekes, most people refer to the Iron Bull simply as "Bull" in conversation.[9]
  • The Iron Bull's voice actor, Freddie Prinze Jr., describes his character as acting like the "James Bond of the Qunari", and also having an Alpha male attitude.[10]



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