Iron Bull's dialogue contains a list of conversations he has with his companions.

Iron Bull's remarks[edit | edit source]

  • (Encountering a Veilfire torch or magic runes) Urmph.....
  • (Finding a rune with the Veilfire torch) Weapon enchantment. All right, nice going with the weird magic fire.
  • (In an area that can be searched) Let's look around.
  • (Seeing a high dragon) Today is a good day. Today is a very good day.
  • (Fighting a dragon) Oh, would you look at that! That is magnificent!
  • (Find Codex entry: Blood-Spotted Venatori Diary) Not real curious about whoever did this, thanks.
  • (Approaching camp) Not a bad spot to camp.
  • (Finding first Astrarium) Anybody know what that is?
  • (Approaching a door or wall that can be bashed) Might be more my thing.
  • (Approaching a door or wall that can be bashed) Want a hand with that?
  • (Talking to Imshael) Talky ones. (Growls.) I hate the talky ones.
  • (Kill a dragon with greater fire resistance) See the way everything lit up when it tried to fry us? (Laughs.) Now that is a fight!
  • (Completing A Stranger Rift in the Ruins) Next time, the damn demons can stay frozen.
  • (Upon entering the Fade)
  • Iron Bull: "Hey chief. Let's join the Inquisition! Good fights for a good cause!" I don't know, Krem, I hear there are demons.
  • Iron Bull: "Ah, don't worry about the demons, chief! I'm sure we won't see many!" (Grumbles.) Asshole.
  • Iron Bull: Everyone, if I get possessed, feint on my blind side, then go low. Cullen says I leave myself open.
  • Varric: I'll bear that in mind.

Combat comments[edit | edit source]

Kills an enemy

  • One down!
  • Next!

Enemies spotted

  • Trouble up front!

Low Health

  • Little help!
  • Shit!

Companion falls

  • (Sera) Sera's out!
  • (The Inquisitor) Hang on, boss!
  • (Dorian) Dorian's down!
  • (Vivienne) Hang on, ma'am!

Location comments[edit | edit source]

  • (Arbor Wilds) Now that's a view. Gets your blood going.
  • (Cradle of Sulevin - Approaching an altar)
    • Inquisitor: There's an altar.
    • Iron Bull: All right. Let's mess with it and see what happens.
  • (Cradle of Sulevin) Lot of sloppy fighting here. People get tired, they fight hard, not smart.
  • (Crestwood - first time only)
    • Inquisitor: There must be a way to get to the rift in the lake.
    • Iron Bull: Swimming?
  • (Crestwood) Lot of little villages like this, trying to keep going with demons everywhere...
  • (Crestwood) Easy to understand why people turn into bandits if the nobles don’t protect you from crap like this.
  • (Crestwood) A village like this once hired the Chargers to deal with some bandits. It was the early days, just me and Krem and five others. We must have killed fifty bandits. Asshole villagers tried to pay us in rice.
    • This is a reference to the film Seven Samurai.
Note: this story is also told by Krem, who says the chief insisted on being paid up front from then on.
  • (Emerald Graves) Lotta good lumber here going to waste.
  • (Emerald Graves) Far as I'm concerned, you can give this place back to the damn elves.
  • (Emerald Graves) Careful with people trying to escape the war. You can't trust deserters.
  • (Emerald Graves) More trees. Woo.
  • (Emerald Graves - Rush of Sighs, when near owl statues)
    • Iron Bull: So, owl you doing?
    • Dorian: (Groans.)
    • Vivienne: That was pitiful.
  • (Emerald Graves - on killing Maliphant)
    • Inquisitor: That seems to be the last of them.
    • Iron Bull: Looks like that was the man in charge.
    • Inquisitor: We've struck a blow against the Freemen.
    • Sera: Good riddance to bad rubbish.
  • (Emerald Graves - on finding the Red Templar note in Villa Maurel)
    • Inquisitor: Seems we interrupted their meeting with the Templars.
    • Iron Bull: They weren't ready for us. Whatever they came for might still be here.
  • (Emerald Graves - on finding the red lyrium in Villa Maurel)
    • Inquisitor: Red lyrium.
    • Iron Bull: They were smuggling for the Templars.
    • Inquisitor: Not anymore.
  • (Emerald Graves - Silver Falls) Big, gushing streams. I'm starting to feel inadequate.
  • (Emprise du Lion)
    • Iron Bull: Snow's melting around the red lyrium.
    • Varric: I'd rather be cold than touch that stuff.
  • (Emprise du Lion) Nippy.
  • (Emprise du Lion) Crazy to think that the war can reach even up here.
  • (Emprise du Lion - Elfsblood River rift) Hey--look up. Giant lady with titsicles.
  • (Emprise du Lion - Suledin Keep) Do we just smash it all, or what?
  • (Emprise du Lion - boat) Boat's seen better days.
  • (Exalted Plains): This place saw some hard fighting.
  • (Exalted Plains) I avoid any job that could turn out like this.
  • (Exalted Plains) Do you think the Dalish would even want this place now?”
  • (Exalted Plains - Dead Hand) Anyone need a hand? (Laughs.)
  • (Exalted Plains - The Crow Fens) This is nice. Wet all the way from my ankle to my... uh... other ankle.
  • (Exalted Plains - The Crow Fens) Smells like that room where the alchemists make the black powder. Ruins your nose for days.
  • (Exalted Plains - unlocking the Gain Access to Ghilan'nain's Grove operation) We could get this cleared out. Give me a week and I could do it myself.
  • (Exalted Plains - unlocking the Repair Pont Agur operation) That's convenient. Someone can fix this, right?
  • (Fallow Mire) Just remember, anything poking up from the water could be a horrible monster acting like a stick.
  • (Forbidden Oasis) Why would you keep mining with that... that weird feeling all over you all day?
  • (Forbidden Oasis) Nothing creepy about a bunch of old abandoned caves. Nothing creepy at all.
  • (Hinterlands) This place has more magic than usual. Whole place is full of it.
  • (Hinterlands) Mages and templars, mages and templars...
  • (Hinterlands - Wolf Hollow, during Trouble with Wolves) If I was a crazy demon-wolf, I'd lair up in a nice cave like that one.
  • (Hinterlands - upon entering Winterwatch Tower) "Hey, there's a big, crazy light in the sky that craps out demons! Let's worship it!" That makes sense!
  • (Hinterlands - the Crossroads) Hopefully the Inquisition can take care of these people.
  • (Hinterlands - Lady Shayna's Valley) Looks like dragon territory. Oh, this is gonna be good.
  • (Hinterlands - Lady Shayna's Valley, when dragon is spotted) She's taking off!
  • (Hissing Wastes) (Coughs.) Sand went down the wrong way.
  • (Hissing Wastes) Smell that smoke? People lighting campfires somewhere.
  • (Hissing Wastes) Sure, it's cold, but at least it's a dry cold.
  • (Hissing Wastes) Lot of people hanging out here for a wasteland.
  • (Hissing Wastes) Look at how far it goes. You could ride for miles.
  • (Hissing Wastes)
    • Dorian: Does that noise ever stop?
    • Iron Bull: Well, it's sand blowing on sand in a place full of wind and sand.
    • Dorian: Thank you. That makes so much more sense now.
  • (Hissing Wastes)
    • Iron Bull: You know, I think I like it here.
    • Sera: I've seen better. Hard not to.
    • Iron Bull: I'm not moving in, but it's simple. Get up, get to shelter, go to bed. It's a change of pace, you know? Nice and direct.
    • Sera: Nobles keep sand for their nugs. That's all I see.
  • (Lost Temple of Dirthamen - finding a dead explorer) Stabbed in the back. Poor bastard.
  • (Shrine of Dumat, during Under Her Skin - finding a memory crystal) More crystals... and a bad guy who likes to talk to himself. This should be good.
  • (Storm Coast) Reminds me of Seheron, only colder.
  • (Storm Coast) Damp just gets in everywhere, doesn't it.
  • (Storm Coast) Popular spot with smugglers, I suspect.
  • (Storm Coast) Gotta be fun getting a campfire going in this.
  • (Storm Coast) Not as many ships as I expected.
  • (Storm Coast - seeing the High dragon and giant battling) Okay, that's badass.
  • (Storm Coast - Dragon Island)
    • Iron Bull: Let's find the dragon!
    • Dorian: You are far too pleased about this.
  • (Storm Coast - while standing by Gatt during Demands of the Qun)
    • Cole: Heart hammering, brush of breath at the base of my back. He licks his thumb before turning the page.
    • Cole: He never finished. You don't have a demon inside you. You don't have to wonder anymore.
    • Gatt: Stop. Just... stop.
    • Bull: Cole, knock it off. People who follow the Qun get nervous around demons, remember?
    • Gatt: Bull, how can you work with a demon?
    • Bull: He's all right. 
  • (Western Approach - spotting the High dragon) We're fighting her, right? Tell me we're fighting her, boss!
  • (Western Approach - during quest The Abyssal High Dragon, after setting the traps) Boss, I want you to know: you're the best.
  • (Western Approach - abandoned carts in the canyons) That is a lot of carts. Why are they even out here?
  • (Western Approach - cave in the canyons) That's a lot of bodies.
  • (Western Approach - Griffon Wing Keep)
    • Inquisitor: Shall we knock?
    • Iron Bull: Oh, yeah!

Hissing Wastes tombs during The Tomb of Fairel[edit | edit source]

  • Inquisitor: There's the door.
  • Iron Bull: This stonework is old.
  • Iron Bull: And I don't mean just a couple ages old. We're talking old.
  • Inquisitor: How can you tell?
  • Iron Bull: You think we don't have dwarven ruins up in Par Vollen?
  • Iron Bull: My old tamassran saw this place, she'd rope it off until the scholars counted the grains in every block.
  • Inquisitor: Another tomb.
  • Iron Bull: Why are the Venatori the first ones out here?
  • Inquisitor: Corypheus must have put them on the scent.
  • Iron Bull: No, I mean why isn't Orlais or Ferelden sending scholars to learn how to make a building that lasts a thousand years?
  • Iron Bull: This is real engineering. None of this "we'll get a mage to lift that block" crap Tevinter does.
  • Dorian: Well, pardon us.
  • Inquisitor: Got it.
  • Iron Bull: Seriously, look at this place. Know why it lasted so long? Siege mentality.
  • Iron Bull: It may be above ground, but the old dwarves built this city like a mountain might fall on it.
  • Inquisitor: When did you study architecture?
  • Iron Bull: You learn a few things about walls after knocking enough of them down.
  • Inquisitor: Let's see what's in this one.
  • Iron Bull: We're gonna waltz inside and pick up what's there?
  • Inquisitor: Are you objecting?
  • Iron Bull: Nah. Better us than the Venatori.
  • Iron Bull: Think about what's missing in these tombs, though.
  • Inquisitor: What?
  • Iron Bull: I've got a theory. Let's find the last one.
  • Inquisitor: I've never seen a rune like this before. Is this what the Venatori were after?
  • Iron Bull: Probably. Good job.

If Iron Bull was brought to the fifth tomb:

  • Inquisitor: Earlier you said something was "missing" from these tombs.
  • Iron Bull: Pits. Arrow traps. Anything to stop us besides a door.
  • Iron Bull: They thought the guy they buried here was so important, no one would ever think of robbing him.
  • Cole: I don't understand.
  • Iron Bull: Exactly! It's downright Qunari.

The Descent DLC[edit | edit source]

  • (Deep Roads, entering the Forgotten Caverns) Rather be fighting something I can see.
  • (Deep Roads, at the demolished bridge)
    • Valta: That wasn't a quake. Someone sabotaged the bridge. And we don't have time to fix it.
    • Valta: There! That ledge! We can reach if it we're careful.
    • Iron Bull: If we wanted to be careful, we'd be up on the surface.

Jaws of Hakkon DLC[edit | edit source]

  • (Frostback Basin - Swamp Kuldsdotten)
    • Iron Bull: Good place to get ambushed. Watch your back.
    • Inquisitor: You do know it's not physically possible to watch your own back.
    • Iron Bull: And now I'm thinking about it.
    • Inquisitor: Is there such a thing as a good place to get ambushed?
    • Iron Bull: "Pitch-black swampy wilderness," is at the bottom, next to armories and anyplace with hooks hanging from the ceiling. Everything else you rank in descending order from there. Expensive glassware shops, wine cellars, maybe an Orlesian ball. Those would be good places.
  • (Frostback Basin - The Lady's Rest)
    • Iron Bull: Anybody else smell sea-air and spice? That's... that isn't right.
    • (If Solas is in party) Solas: The spirits gathered here were drawn to tragedy. They radiate it, as a fire does heat.
    • Iron Bull: Glad I asked.
  • (Frostback Basin)
    • (If Sera is in party) Sera: The veil is wobbly here.
    • Iron Bull: I was going with spicy.

Iron Bull and Blackwall[edit | edit source]

  • Iron Bull: Something's funny about you.
  • Blackwall: Oh?
  • Iron Bull: Yeah. You talk about Grey Wardens and honor and sacrifice and griffons, but you're still not convinced.
  • Blackwall: Not convinced?
  • Iron Bull: Yes, you know what I mean.
  • Blackwall: And you know this because?
  • Iron Bull: I'm a people person.
  • Iron Bull: You know one thing I miss about Par Vollen? Bananas.
  • Iron Bull: They're bigger, less squishy, and bendier.
  • Blackwall: You're talking about the fruit, right?
  • Blackwall: Please, tell me you're talking about the fruit.
  • Iron Bull: Hey Blackwall. What's the most limbs you've ever cut off something in one swing?
  • Blackwall: For the Wardens, battle is a sacred duty, a vigil kept to guard the world against destruction. It's not a game.
  • Iron Bull: Right. Same here.
  • Blackwall: Do heads count?
  • Iron Bull: Heads absolutely count.
  • Blackwall: Then... three.
  • Iron Bull: Nice! Down on the collarbone and through, right? That's how I get the good ones.
  • Blackwall: So, if I were to convert to the Qun, what place would I have in your society?
  • Iron Bull: Hmmm, Ben Hassrath, perhaps, if you prove yourself.
  • Blackwall: And if I don't?
  • Iron Bull: Oh. Laborer, probably.
  • Blackwall: Laborer?
  • Iron Bull: Strong back, legs. And laborers are important. You can't have the Tamassarans doing the heavy lifting.
  • Blackwall: Right. I'll pass.
  • Iron Bull: Really? You don't want to see our pamphlet, "Digging Holes and Filling Them Up Again"?
  • Iron Bull: You're good with that sword.
  • Blackwall: Thanks.
  • Iron Bull: I see all that time on your own has given you a firm grip.
  • Iron Bull: "Blackwall." "Iron Bull." We could fight crime!
  • Blackwall: Isn't that exactly what we're doing? Right this minute? More or less?
  • Iron Bull: Oh yeah.
  • Blackwall: Have you considered incorporating headbutts into your fighting style?
  • Iron Bull: Oh, yeah. Tried it a few times. No luck.
  • Blackwall: Too easy for enemies to defend against?
  • Iron Bull: A little. I'm big enough that I've gotta lean down to make it work on most people. You see it coming.
  • Iron Bull: I did it once with a charge, though. Got a Vint on each horn.
  • Blackwall: Nicely done.
  • Iron Bull: Yeah, 'cept for the part where they were both hanging from my head yelling for the rest of the fight.
  • Blackwall: Ah. Point taken. So to speak.
  • Iron Bull: Hey, Blackwall, what would your ideal blade be forged from?
  • Blackwall: Well, many famous Warden blades were made from Silverite. It seems to work well on darkspawn.
  • Blackwall: And you? Clearly a man who enjoys a good blade. Bloodstone, perhaps?
  • Iron Bull: Nah. Bloodstone's great at holding an edge, but that sharpness leaves it brittle.
  • Iron Bull: You may not have noticed, but I'm not a finesse fighter.
  • Iron Bull: I guess I'd go with Dawnstone.
  • Blackwall: Dawnstone? That's even more brittle than Bloodstone.
  • Iron Bull: Yes... Really damn pretty, though. 
  • Blackwall: It's pink.
  • Iron Bull: It's pretty.
  • Iron Bull: Hey, Furrows.
  • Blackwall: What? Me?
  • Iron Bull: Yes. Furrows between the eyes. Moping. Lost in your own issues.
  • Blackwall: Can't a man think without being judged for it?
  • Iron Bull: I'm not judging. I was gonna say you're pretty good at it. I can't pull that off.
  • Blackwall: A tragedy, for sure.
  • Iron Bull: And I mean, if you're going to brood, you might as well reap the benefits.
  • Blackwall: What benefits?
  • Iron Bull: The ladies.
  • Blackwall: (sighs)
  • Iron Bull: Sounds like joining the Grey Wardens is like following the Qun.
  • Blackwall: How do you think?
  • Iron Bull: Service, hard work for a good cause, always knowing where you fit in, what you have to do...
  • Blackwall: I suppose I see the similarity, when you put it like that.
  • Iron Bull: Little surprised I got there before you did, big guy.
  • Iron Bull: How does being a Grey Warden work? I assume it's more complicated than just signing up.
  • Blackwall: Yes.
  • Iron Bull: And how is it that you're the only ones who can end the Blights?
  • Blackwall: Is there a reason for the interrogation?
  • Iron Bull: Curiosity. The Ben-Hassrath could know more about the Wardens.
  • Iron Bull: Also, those ogre guys, the darkspawn that look like messed-up Qunari? The Ben-Hassrath aren't pleased.
  • Blackwall: Few are.
  • Blackwall: Don't the horns make it hard to lie down? How do you sleep?
  • Iron Bull: Soundly, while propped up on a bed of oiled, writhing virgins.
  • Blackwall: I'm surprised you don't wear heavier armor on your blind side.
  • Iron Bull: If I did that, I'd just be telling people where to hit me.
  • Iron Bull: As it is, every half-decent fighter sees the eye and thinks he can feint, then come in with a low stab.
  • Iron Bull: Then I chop his head off. It's like a gimme.
  • Blackwall: That can't work every time.
  • Iron Bull: It doesn't. But taking a blade to the ribs is a pretty good teacher.

If the Inquisitor saved the Dreadnought during Demands of the Qun and Blackwall's personal quest Revelations has been completed:

  • Blackwall: You sacrificed your own men.
  • Iron Bull: I'm Qunari. We don't flinch from duty.
  • Blackwall: Your men trusted you. You betrayed that trust when you left them to die.
  • Iron Bull: No.
  • Blackwall: No?
  • Iron Bull: Two key differences between you and me, Rainier.
  • Iron Bull: First, I didn't kill a wagon full of kids.
  • Iron Bull: My men were holding a position to secure an objective. I mourn their loss and honor their sacrifice.
  • Iron Bull: And second, I'm proud of who I am. I hope that's not a problem for you.
  • Blackwall: Not unless you ask me to hold a hill, Qunari.

If the Inquisitor saved the Chargers during Demands of the Qun:

  • Blackwall: So, Bull, how does it feel to be Tal-Vashoth?

If Blackwall's personal quest has also been completed:

  • Iron Bull: Feels a bit like I've been living a lie, and now it's coming back to bite me in the ass. What's that like, Blackwall?
  • Blackwall: Calm down, I meant no offense.
  • Blackwall: As you say, I know something of being cut off from a past life, having to find a new way.
  • Iron Bull: Well, you could've just led with that.
  • Blackwall: In any event, you have the Chargers. You haven't lost everything.
  • Iron Bull: Yeah, I think I'm good.


  • Iron Bull: Stings a bit. Thanks for asking.
  • Blackwall: It's a difficult thing you've done, turning your back on one life to live another. You could look at it as opening a way forward, not closing the way back.
  • Iron Bull: Thanks, I appreciate the advice.
  • Blackwall: In any event, you have the Chargers. You haven't lost everything.
  • Iron Bull: Yeah, I think I'm good.
  • Iron Bull: You could've been one of the Chargers, Blackwall. You’ve got the stature, the attitude...
  • Blackwall: And you'd be my boss.
  • Iron Bull: Hey, I'm a great boss. I’m a firm believer in No-Pants Fridays.

If Blackwall's personal quest has been completed:

  • Blackwall: And a mercenary. I'm done with that part of my life.
  • Iron Bull: Why? Because you're better now? Because there's something wrong with working for gold?
  • Iron Bull: The thing about my guys? They're honest with themselves.
  • Iron Bull: You could've learned that lesson.
  • Blackwall: I’d rather fight for a cause.
  • Iron Bull: Hey, No-Pants Fridays is a cause.


  • Blackwall: I’d rather fight for a cause.
  • Iron Bull: Hey, No-Pants Fridays is a cause.

After completing Blackwall's personal quest:

  • Iron Bull: Now, isn't this better? Getting the burden of that lie off your chest?
  • Blackwall: And exchanging it for the burden of everyone hating me? Yes. So much better.
  • Iron Bull: Hey, I don’t hate you. You and me? We’re good.
  • Iron Bull: Now that you know who you are, you can stop doubting yourself and start hitting crap again.
  • Blackwall: Why don't we hit a few bottles first, huh?

After completing Blackwall's personal quest:

  • Iron Bull: I used to think it was just me who thought you humans all look alike.
  • Blackwall: And now...?
  • Iron Bull: Clearly, you guys can't tell each other apart, either. How the crap did you live as some other guy for all those years?
  • Blackwall: I grew a beard.
  • Iron Bull: Really? Puts some hair on your face, and no one can tell who you are anymore? That's some disguise, big guy.
  • Blackwall: And I didn't talk to anyone for months at the time.
  • Iron Bull: All right, that probably helped.

Iron Bull and Cassandra[edit | edit source]

  • Iron Bull: Hey, that's some good armor.
  • Cassandra: Are you referring to me?
  • Iron Bull: Some high-ranking women wear ornamental crap with tits hammered into it.
  • Iron Bull: One good shot, and all that cleavage gets knocked right into the sternum. Real messy.
  • Iron Bull: Good on you for going practical.
  • Cassandra: I aim to please.
  • Iron Bull: Leaves something to the imagination, too.
  • Cassandra: I enjoy fighting at your side, Bull.
  • Iron Bull: Same here, Seeker.

If Bull is in a relationship with Dorian or the Inquisitor:

  • Iron Bull: Put some horns on you, you make a pretty good Qunari.
  • Cassandra: I'm not certain that's a compliment.


  • Cassandra: But I will also enjoy returning to the base and sinking slowly into a steaming hot bath, sprinkled with rose petals.
  • Iron Bull: Oh, now you're just being mean! I mean, roses! Who has sex smelling like roses? Violets, or a nice frangipani, maybe.
  • Cassandra: (laughs)


  • Iron Bull: You know, the Ben-Hassrath are a lot like your Seekers, Cassandra.
  • Cassandra: I highly doubt that.
  • Iron Bull: Maintaining justice in the ranks, operating under a veil of secrecy, investigating corruption and threats to the order, and you deal with it all so quietly. Most people never notice.
  • Cassandra: Interesting, though we do not break the minds of our prisoners.
  • Iron Bull: Well, keep at it! You guys will get there.
  • Cassandra: I am surprised you accept fighting at a woman's side, Bull. I understood Qunari women didn't fight.
  • Iron Bull: If a Qunari woman really wants to fight and has a gift for it, she becomes an Aqun-athlok. The Aqun-athlok joins the warriors and is treated like a male. He becomes a guy, for all intents and purposes.
  • Cassandra: But she wouldn't physically become male, surely.
  • Iron Bull: Doesn't matter. In the Qun, your role is everything.
  • Cassandra: And... do you think of me as male, then?
  • Iron Bull: Depends. In or out of your armor?
  • Iron Bull: You know, Seeker, I really like hitting things.
  • Cassandra: So I'd gathered.
  • Iron Bull: I knew you'd understand!
  • Iron Bull: Hey, Seeker, if I hit a guy high while you go low, you think we could get him to flip?
  • Cassandra: Flip?
  • Iron Bull: Yes. Ass over tea kettle, you know.
    • Sera: (if in the party) (laughs) Arse-Kettle.
    • Vivienne: (if in the party) Not over my tea kettle.
    • Dorian: (if in the party) Now there's a turn of phrase.
    • Varric: (if in the party) I'd expect an ale cask before a tea kettle, frankly.
    • Iron Bull: Yeah, yeah.
  • Cassandra: I... suppose that could be done?
  • Iron Bull: I've always wanted to get a guy to flip.
  • Iron Bull: Your family's full of dragon hunters, Seeker?
  • Cassandra: It's something of a legacy.
  • Iron Bull: So, when you face a dragon, does it get your heart pumping? Do you breathe a little faster, feel the blood racing?
  • Cassandra: What's the alternative? Relax and let it kill us?
  • Iron Bull: (laughs) No, seriously.
  • Cassandra: I... feel no great calling in my blood. Sorry to disappoint.
  • Iron Bull: Damn...
  • Iron Bull: So I hear you saved the last Divine from a dragon assault?
  • Cassandra: (Sighs.) Yes. In my youth. With help.
  • Iron Bull: Nice!
  • Cassandra: You're not going to press for the details?
  • Iron Bull: Nah, I can see you don't want to talk about it. Bet you looked good doing it, though.
  • Cassandra: (Laughs.)
  • Cassandra: That move you performed in our last fight was well executed, Bull. I'm impressed.
  • Iron Bull: Thank you, Seeker. I'd be happy to teach you.
  • Cassandra: If you had done it in our last sparring match, you might have won.
  • Iron Bull: (laughs) Then it's time for a rematch...
  • Iron Bull: That was some solid work back there, Seeker.
  • Cassandra: You, as well.
  • Iron Bull: The way you backhanded that guy with your shield and then damn near chopped him in half?

If the Inquisitor is in a romance with Cassandra:

  • Iron Bull: You and the boss should use that between the sheets.
  • Cassandra: How do you know we haven't already?
  • Iron Bull: Hah.

If the Inquisitor is in a romance with Iron Bull:

  • Iron Bull: Any chance I could have the boss borrow your armor later? For, uh, personal reasons.
  • Cassandra: No.
  • Iron Bull: I'd clean it after.
  • Cassandra: Absolutely not.
  • Iron Bull: (frustrated sigh)


  • Iron Bull: Hey, are you as turned on as I am right now?
  • Cassandra: Am I what?
  • Iron Bull: That's probably impossible anyway.
  • Iron Bull: You know, Seeker, your style doesn't have to be so defensive.
  • Cassandra: Excuse me?
  • Iron Bull: You've got armor. Let someone scratch the paint a bit. You can wind up for a shot that will really ring their bell. Some part of you wants to just cut loose. I can feel the frustration in your swings.

If the Inquisitor is in a romance with Cassandra:

  • Cassandra: How odd, since I'm feeling so much less frustrated as of late.
  • Iron Bull: Hah!

If the Inquisitor is in a romance with Iron Bull:

  • Iron Bull: Hah! I'd offer to help you get rid of that frustration but, you know... I'm in a committed relationship.
  • Cassandra: Unlucky me.

If Dorian is in a romance with Iron Bull:

  • Cassandra: You'd feel far more if I actually hit you.
  • Iron Bull: Hah, that's right! Let it out.


  • Iron Bull: If you need any help with that frustration back in camp, let me know.
  • Cassandra: It's never going to happen.
  • Iron Bull: Apologies for giving offense. I will stop making invitations, Seeker.
  • Cassandra: I was not offended. Nor did I say you should stop, so long as we are both clear it's never happening.
  • Iron Bull: Works for me.

After Cassandra's personal quest Promise of Destruction:

  • Iron Bull: Sorry about your seekers. It's tough when the ones who watch over us abuse that authority.
  • Cassandra: Yes, it is.
  • Iron Bull: Always happens though. Nobody can handle secrets all day long without it getting to them.
  • Cassandra: How do the Ben-Hassrath deal with such problems?
  • Iron Bull: If the problem's small, they turn a blind eye. Like I said, it happens.
  • Cassandra: And if it is too large to ignore?
  • Iron Bull: How do you think I ended up here?

If the Inquisitor is a male Qunari and in a romance with Cassandra:

  • Iron Bull: So, Seeker, seems you have a thing for Qunari men after all.
  • Cassandra: Certain ones...


  • Iron Bull: There you go again, Seeker, getting an eye full of inquisibutt.
  • Cassandra: I don't know what you're talking about.
    • Sera: (if in the party) Psst, nice try. You'll run him hard.
    • Cassandra: (sighs) Thank you, Sera.
  • Iron Bull: He's not just an object to quench your desires, Cass. Make sure you undress him with your eyes... respectfully.
  • Inquisitor: I'm sorry, what are you two talking about?
  • Iron Bull: Your naked body. Well, I'm talking about it. Cassandra's just glaring and turning red.

If the Inquisitor tells Bull to stop:

  • Inquisitor: Knock it off, Bull.
  • Iron Bull: Fine, fine... but she started it, all doe-eyed and crap. See, now he's ignoring us. You've offended him.
  • Cassandra: (sighs)

If the Inquisitor does not tell Bull to stop:

  • Inquisitor: Respectfully? That's crazy talk.
  • Iron Bull: Well, then, go wild you two!
  • Cassandra: (disgusted grunt)

If the Inquisitor is in a romance with Iron Bull:

  • Cassandra: You are aware his/her room has a lock, Bull?
  • Iron Bull: Sure.
  • Cassandra: Some people might find that useful. In future.
  • Iron Bull: I'd rather focus on--
  • Cassandra: Yes. I'm sure the room and its... contents... are very distracting. Thank you.

If Bull and Dorian are in a relationship:

  • Cassandra: So, Bull, about Dorian...
  • Iron Bull: Yes, it's true.

(If Dorian is in the party)

  • Dorian: By all means let us discuss this together.
  • Cassandra: If... you're both pleased...
  • Dorian: I'm happy, he's happy, everyone's happy.
  • Iron Bull: Awww, you're happy.
  • Dorian: (Sighs.)
  • Cassandra: (Laughs)


  • Iron Bull: Jealous, Seeker?
  • Cassandra: Jealous... of Dorian?
  • Iron Bull: Who wouldn't be? Look at these horns.
  • Cassandra: I... see them.
  • Iron Bull: Yes, I know, right? Feel the envy.

If the Inquisitor saved the Dreadnought during Demands of the Qun:

  • Cassandra: Bull, what happened to the Chargers... you have my sympathy.
  • Iron Bull: They got the job done. You know it means to put the mission first.
  • Cassandra: Yes, and I know what it costs those who live to see it through. The Inquisition will honor their memory.
  • Iron Bull: I appreciate it. The boys would too...

If the Inquisitor saved the Chargers during Demands of the Qun:

  • Cassandra: I'm glad your men will continue to fight at our side, Bull.
  • Iron Bull: And all we lost was our alliance with the Qunari.
  • Cassandra: I would not trade the Chargers for any alliance.
  • Iron Bull: Thanks, Seeker. The boys will be glad to hear it.

If the Inquisitor saved the Chargers during Demands of the Qun:

  • Cassandra: You are considered Tal-Vashoth now, Bull?
  • Iron Bull: Looks that way...
  • Cassandra: I admit I don't fully understand what that means, but... I am sorry.
  • Iron Bull: The Seekers gave you rules to live by, right? The Qunari have the same, and now I don't.
  • Cassandra: I see.
  • Iron Bull: It's.... alright. I've got my Chargers and I've got the Inquisition. I'm good.

After Blackwall's personal quest:

  • Iron Bull: So, you ever letting Blackwall off the hook, Seeker?
  • Cassandra: He is a coward who abandoned his men. A man who wishes to atone but lies to do so.
  • Iron Bull: Alright? So that's a no.

If the Inquisitor supports Iron Bull:

  • Inquisitor: I chose to take him back. End of story.
  • Cassandra: I cannot help but feel as I do.
  • Iron Bull: Sure you could. You won't, but you could.

If the Inquisitor supports Cassandra:

  • Inquisitor: (sigh) She's not going to change her mind, Bull.
  • Cassandra: Not due to pestering, that's certain.
  • Inquisitor: Blackwall isn't even here to defend himself.
  • Iron Bull: Not that he would.
  • Cassandra: He cannot. Let us leave it at that.

Alternative if Blackwall is in the party:

  • Blackwall: (Coughs.)
  • Iron Bull: No? Sorry, Blackwall.
  • Blackwall: It's fine.
  • Cassandra: I'm pleased it causes you so little trouble.
  • Blackwall: (Sighs.)

After visiting the Western Approach ritual tower during Here Lies the Abyss:

  • Iron Bull: Cullen's got those trebuchets for the assault on Adamant.

If Here Lies the Abyss has been completed:

  • Iron Bull: Cullen's got some of those trebuchets from the siege back at Skyhold.


  • Iron Bull: Hey, Seeker, think he'd mind if I borrow one? Just for an hour or two.
  • Cassandra: Why do you need a trebuchet?
  • Iron Bull: Krem sews a bit; he made these stuffed nugs with wings. I wanna see how far they can fly...
  • Cassandra: I... don't think that's an appropriate use of the Inquisition's resources.
  • Iron Bull: See? This is why you're not in charge of morale.

Iron Bull and Cole[edit | edit source]

  • Cole: I like your horns, The Iron Bull.
  • Cole: But they're dragon horns, not bull horns. You could have named yourself The Iron Dragon.
  • Iron Bull: Oh, shit. That would have been better.
  • Cole: Barman laughs. Slides the drink over. Tankard in view the whole time, no chance poison was added. Blade at his waist. Club under the bar. Moves with training, mercenary or guard. Use that if I have to.
  • Iron Bull: Yeah. I go for the shoulder, a shot he trained to take on the armor. But, since he's a barman now and not a merc, he bleeds, flinches, and I trap the arm and break his neck.
  • Cole: Why, The Iron Bull?
  • Iron Bull: I didn't do it, kid. It was just idle thought, in case it came up.
  • Cole: Do you think about how to kill everyone you meet?
  • Iron Bull: Do you not?
  • Cole: Vasaad was angry. He went first because he wanted to fight. Taking point, then points take him, red on his neck.
  • Iron Bull: I was just thinking about-- Wait, you in my mind again, kid?
  • Cole: Even if you went in first, there would have been another fight, another time he didn't listen. It wasn't your fault.
  • Iron Bull: Yes, it was. I was in charge. Should've found a way to-- Hey, that's pretty good. We could use that!
  • Cole: You can use sadness?
  • Iron Bull: Ben-Hassrath, Kid. We can use anything.
  • Iron Bull: So Cole, you're a spirit...demon...thing?
  • Cole: Yes. And you're The Iron Bull, afraid of demons.
  • Iron Bull: Not fond of 'em, no. But you and I are fine as long as you don't do any weird crap.
  • Cole: Lying awake, sheets soaked in sweat, afraid to call the Tamassrans. Shadows make shapes in the dark.
  • Cole: If it gets in my head, how do I cut it out? Itching, shaking, tears slide cold down my cheeks. "Tama, I'm scared."
  • Iron Bull: Yeah, weird crap like that? Pretty much what I meant.
  • Iron Bull: So Cole, you're polite, you're good in a fight, and your heart's in the right place.
  • Cole: It is? Good.
  • Iron Bull: I've got a plan. I think this could get you sorted out, get both feet on the ground.
  • Cole: I have to lift my feet, or the rocks make noise when I walk.
  • Iron Bull: Yes.... When we get back, you're going to spend an evening with a nice lady named Candy.
  • Cole: Can I lift my feet?
  • Iron Bull: She's gonna lift a lot more than that.
  • Iron Bull: So how was Candy? You two have a good time?
  • Cole: Yes. She danced. Then I untangled the hurt that made her angry at her mother.
  • Cole: I helped her write a letter to send back home. She said I could call her Marguerite, the name didn't hurt anymore.
  • Iron Bull: Well, that was five royals well-spent.
  • Cole: The Iron Bull, do you ever worry about a demon standing to your left where your eye can't see?
  • Iron Bull: Well, I do now.
  • Iron Bull: Hey, Cole. Quick! What number am I thinking of?
  • Cole: Raw and hot, trying to open it, but just darkness. How bad, how bad? No, done now, no sense worrying.
  • Cole: The man they hurt coughs, shaking, but sits up. Eyes wide. No, not a man, a woman, clothes torn.
  • Cole: "You're safe now. I'm Iron Bull. What do you want me to call you?"
  • Iron Bull: Twelve. The number I was thinking of was "twelve."
  • Iron Bull: (Grumbles.) Demon interrogators. Stupid idea anyway.
  • Cole: You got to pick your name, The Iron Bull.
  • Iron Bull: Sure did. Thanks for sticking the "the" on there, too. Most people forget.
  • Iron Bull: It kinda makes it sound like I'm not really a person. Like I'm this dangerous thing, you know?
  • Cole: You made it a joke on yourself, making a mockery, so you would never be that.
  • Iron Bull: It kills the joke if you explain it, kid.
  • Cole: You and Krem say words that hurt, but they aren't real, The Iron Bull.
  • Iron Bull: Yes. We give each other grief. It's a soldier thing. Doesn't mean anything.
  • Cole: It means friendship. And that you're soldiers. Krem likes it, it makes him proud.
  • Iron Bull: I guess I can see that. Him, huh?
  • Cole: Is that wrong?
  • Iron Bull: No, no. I just thought, since you do that thing where you see into people's heads...
  • Iron Bull: Actually, you're good, kid. Keep it up.
  • Cole: The armor is right. The body isn't, but it doesn't hurt him anymore.
  • Cole: You make it better.

(Occurs if Cole spares the Templar during his personal quest.)

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

  • Iron Bull: Hey, Cole, did you know the servants at Skyhold remember you now?
  • Cole: Yes. I'm more real. What they feel sticks, holding, heavy. I can't wash it away, but it lets me learn.
  • Iron Bull: Hey, good for you. Glad to hear it, I think.


(If the Inquisitor sided with the Ben-Hassrath during the Demands of the Qun quest.)

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

  • Cole: Blood, crash of metal, but silent underneath - the horn didn't blow! That one-eyed bastard, I knew he'd betray us!
  • Iron Bull: Oh good, you're doing your thing again.
  • Cole: They died fighting. In your mind, they hated you, but you're doing it wrong! That isn't what Krem thought!
  • Iron Bull: Well, then... what did he think?
  • Cole: "Horns pointing up."
  • Iron Bull: Oh... yeah.
  • Cole: No, that didn't help - I tugged on the tangle and tore it--
  • Iron Bull: It's all right. I'm good.


(If the Inquisitor sided with Iron Bull during the Demands of the Qun quest.)

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

  • Cole: "Tama, how will I follow the Qun?" Her hands, strong but gentle, ruffles stubs where the horns will be.
  • Cole: "You are strong, and your mind is sharp. You will solve problems others cannot." She smiles, but sadly.
  • Iron Bull: Looks like my old Tamassran was wrong. Bet she's pissed one of her kids went Tal-Vashoth.
  • Cole: Agents with hushed tones. Eyes stinging, forms to fill out, course corrections, reduce risk of similar losses.
  • Cole: I remember the little boy, too wise, eager to help. Words break in small secret spaces. He got away. He got away.
  • Iron Bull: How could you know that? You've never even met her.
  • Cole: Your hurt touches hers.
  • Iron Bull: Well, that's, uh, creepy. But... thanks.

  • Cole: The Iron Bull, a woman in the last village wanted you to pick her up and take her clothes off.
  • Iron Bull: Most people do.
  • Cole: In her mind, you were very big.
  • Iron Bull: Well, that's flattering.
  • Cole: When we fight, you make them not people, so their death doesn't stick to you.
  • Iron Bull: Yeah. Picked that up in Seheron. Gotta keep it separate. Out here, anything could be a threat. You kill 'em for the team, no questions asked.
  • Cole: I see it. A wall of wounds. Nothing on this side has a family.
  • Iron Bull: When we're at the tavern or back home, it goes back to normal. People get to be people again.
  • Cole: What if someone attacks you in a tavern?
  • Iron Bull: That's when shit gets messed up.
  • Cole: The Iron Bull, in one fight, you let someone hit you so they wouldn't hit me.
  • Iron Bull: Yes?
  • Cole: But you hate demons.
  • Iron Bull: Listen, Cole. You might be a weird, squirrelly kid, but you're my weird, squirrelly kid.
  • Cole: Oh. Thank you.
  • Iron Bull: Just don't make it weird. No full hugs. Maybe a one-armed slap on the back... at most.
  • Cole: All right.
  • Iron Bull: You're a fast little guy, Cole.
  • Cole: Do you wish you were faster, the Iron Bull?
  • Iron Bull: Nah. Just as soon stand there and let 'em come to me when they're ready to die.
  • Cole: Then it's them, not you. You don't want to kill. You want to defend.
  • Iron Bull: Hey, don't go around saying crap like that. I like killing.
  • Cole: But you give them a chance. You make them choose. So it's their fault.
  • Iron Bull: Just... come on, kid. You're making it weird.
  • Iron Bull: All right, Cole, so when we run into a big guy with a shield...
  • Cole:You are big, boasting, battering, and I blend behind, daggers in darkness, one-two-three.
  • Iron Bull: Assuming that actually means what I think it does, great!

(If the Inquisitor is in a romance with Iron Bull.)

  • Cole: She/He almost says the word sometimes. Katoh. She/He tastes it in her/his mouth, sweet release a breath away, tongue tying it tenderly like you tie her/him. But she/he doesn't. For you, and for her/him because it makes it mean more. A fuller feeling, a brighter burst.
  • Iron Bull: Yeah. (Coughs.) How's she/he feel about you saying this in front of everybody?

Inquisitor input

Answer 1

  • Inquisitor: Bull and I are consenting adults, and there's nothing wrong with what we choose to do in bed.
  • Cole: Not just in bed. Sometimes it's up against the wall. Once on the war table.
  • Sera (if in party): (laughs.) Hope you took him/her right up the Dales.
  • Dorian (if in party): (laughs.) Ahem
  • Blackwall (if in party): I look forward to informing Cullen.

Answer 2

  • Inquisitor: If a rift opened up right now and swallowed me I'd be fine with that.
  • Varric (if in party): Listen, do whatever works for you. You don't have to act restrained in front of us.
  • Solas (if in party): Provided it tied you down first one assumed.

Answer 3

  • Inquisitor: Moving on.
  • Cassandra (if in party): I could not agree more.
  • Vivienne (if in party): Please do.
  • Cole: Oh, sorry.

(If the Inquisitor is in a romance with Iron Bull.)

  • Cole: You act like you're in charge, The Iron Bull, but it's really him/her.
  • Cole: S/he decides when, and you measure it carefully, enough to enjoy, to energize, but never to anger.
  • Cole: S/he is tied, teased, tantalized, but it's tempered to what s/he wants. S/he submits, but you serve.
  • Iron Bull: Do you mind, kid? If you take away all the mystery, it's not quite as hot.

Inquisitor input:

Answer 1 (Oh, no, it is.)

  • Inquisitor: Bull? Yes it is.
  • Iron Bull: Right! My mistake. Carry on, kid.
  • Cole: What's an Orlesian Tickler?
  • Iron Bull: I'll tell you when you're older.
  • Cole: No, you won't.
  • Iron Bull: No, I won't.

Answer 2 (Is it really like that?)

  • Inquisitor: Bull, is he right?
  • Iron Bull: The kid? Please.
  • Iron Bull: Next time we're alone, I'm going to pin you down and do things your body won't believe.
  • Cole: But...
  • Iron Bull: (Clears throat.)
  • Cole: Sorry.

This section contains spoilers for:

(In the Darvaarad, if the Inquisitor sided with Iron Bull during the Demands of the Qun quest.)

  • Cole: Words like a whip. An old name burns like a broken dreadnought. The Iron Bull, you're hurt.
  • Iron Bull: The Iron Bull is just fine. When this is over, drinks are on me. Probably a lot of 'em.

Iron Bull and Dorian[edit | edit source]

If the Inquisitor sided with the templars:

  • Iron Bull: Guess the Vints will be pissed with you running to warn everyone at Haven, huh?
  • Dorian: Not that my warning did much good.
  • Iron Bull: Didn't see any rebel mages coming to do it.
  • Dorian: There is that. The ones who didn't join the Venatori either ran off or were killed.
  • Iron Bull: Ah, see? Good on you. Way to join the underdogs.
  • Dorian: I'm thrilled, really.
  • Dorian: We have a Ben-Hassrath with us? A spy. An actual Qunari spy.
  • Dorian: That doesn't strike anyone as a bad thing?
  • Iron Bull: Says the Vint. When we're fighting Vints.
  • Dorian: That's... not a terrible point. Okay.
  • Dorian: You've killed lots of my countrymen, I take it?
  • Iron Bull: Sure, usually when I'm being paid for it.
  • Dorian: What? Never just for fun?
  • Iron Bull: I'm here, aren't I? Man's gotta take his fun where he can find it.
  • Dorian: I hope it doesn't bother you to travel alongside a "Vint," Iron Bull.
  • Iron Bull: That what you are? You people all kinda look the same to me.
  • Dorian: I'm also a mage. Would you prefer me bound and leashed?
  • Iron Bull: I'd buy you dinner first.
  • Dorian: Hopefully before you sewed my mouth shut.
  • Iron Bull: Depends how much you keep yapping.
  • Dorian: Nothing at all, Bull? No problem having a "Vint" behind you?
  • Iron Bull: Hope you like the view.
  • Dorian: You can't deny you enjoy butchering my people.
  • Iron Bull: Hey, butchering implies I'm gonna eat 'em. Most Vints are just gristle and fat in a red wine marinade.
  • Dorian: Well, that much is true.
  • Iron Bull: Must grind your gristle the "Elder One" is some crazy Vint asshole, huh?
  • Dorian: I'm not thrilled to discover we should take those old legends at face value.
  • Iron Bull: Guess he thinks the modern Imperium is a real letdown, too.
  • Dorian: Why wouldn't he? Tevinter once covered all Thedas, its glory only matched by its depravity.
  • Dorian: It'd be like Koslun showing up and learning the Qunari didn't conquer the world after all.
  • Iron Bull: Hmm, yes. Priesthood's been trying to explain that one for centuries.
  • Iron Bull: Nice work with the magic back there, Dorian. You're pretty good at blowing guys up.
  • Dorian: It's significantly more impressive than hitting them with a sharp piece of metal.
  • Iron Bull: Hey, whoa, let's not get crazy.
  • Iron Bull: Dorian, you've been to Minrathous, right?
  • Dorian: Of course. I'm not a plebian.
  • Iron Bull: You ever been to that place in the Vivazzi Plaza? With the big, cracked bell hanging off the roof?
  • Dorian: With the dancers, yes. You're making me homesick.
  • Iron Bull: That staff's in pretty good shape, Dorian.
  • Iron Bull: Do you spend a lot of time polishing it?
  • Dorian: (Groans.)
  • Iron Bull: Better hike up your skirt, mage boy.
  • Dorian: I'm not wearing a skirt.
  • Iron Bull: You trip on that bustling whatever, don't come crying to me.
  • Dorian: No Qunari would accept a Tevinter mage so easily... unless it was a ruse. When should I expect a knife in the back?

If the Inquisitor is a Qunari:

  • Iron Bull: You expecting that from the Inquisitor too?
  • Dorian: That's different.
  • Iron Bull: Oh, pardon me. I thought you said no Qunari. Meaning we're all bloodthirsty savages.
  • Dorian: Fine, not all of you.


  • Iron Bull: You ever use that fancy magic of yours to burn down a dormitory full of kids?
  • Dorian: Err... not today.
  • Iron Bull: (Laughs.) Then I wouldn't worry. Lots of other people need a knife in the back first.
  • Dorian: Watch where you're pointing that thing!
  • Iron Bull: Dirty.
  • Dorian: Vishante kaffas! I meant your weapon!
  • Iron Bull: Think I know what your problem is, Dorian.
  • Dorian: I have only the one?
  • Iron Bull: You see a man who's burned out, who left his people and entire life behind... and for what?
  • Dorian: You're not suggesting we're similar.
  • Iron Bull: How's that mirror treating you? Pretty picture, isn't it?
  • Dorian: I may vomit.
  • Iron Bull: Wait, wait, I'll flex a little for you. Make it easier.
  • Dorian: What does the Qunari priesthood tell your people about losing the war?
  • Iron Bull: Ehn. The usual. Water comes, water goes, but eventually the tides wear away the mountain. Blah, blah, blah.
  • Dorian: They've been fighting Tevinter for centuries and still haven't won.
  • Iron Bull: Wait, you think we've been at war all this time?
  • Dorian: It's barely an eye-watering slap fight, I'll grant you, but every now and again it heats up.
  • Iron Bull: (Chuckles.) That's just force of habit. A real invasion's different.
  • Dorian: What are they waiting for?
  • Iron Bull: Don't know. Someone to tell someone to tell someone it's on again, I guess.
  • Dorian: So they're the Chargers and you're the Bull. That's clever.
  • Iron Bull: Worked that out on your own, did ya?
  • Iron Bull: You gotta keep the name simple, so the nobles get it. They pay us to fight, not to entertain at tea.
  • Dorian: That I'd like to see.

(After Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts)

  • Dorian: You seemed remarkably comfortable at the Winter Palace, Bull.
  • Iron Bull: I do my best.
  • Dorian: You didn't knock over a single priceless statue, or fart even once near the dessert table.
  • Iron Bull: That you know of.
  • Dorian: I'm surprised you never spent time in the Tevinter courts. They would adore you.
  • Iron Bull: I did. After a while, the saddle just got too heavy.

(After What Pride Had Wrought)

  • Iron Bull: Still stewing on it, hey, Dorian?
  • Dorian: Abelas said the elves destroyed themselves. I'm still wrapping my head around that.
  • Iron Bull: Why not tell everyone? Thought you wanted to take your fellow Vints down a peg or two.
  • Dorian: For one, I've no proof. Secondly, if I did, they'd lose their collective minds.
  • Dorian: They might decide they have something to prove. Can you imagine?
  • Iron Bull: (Grunts.) Good point.
  • Dorian: Vishante kaffas! Don't you ever bathe?

If Iron Bull and Dorian are in a relationship:

  • Iron Bull: You like it.


  • Iron Bull: Sometimes. You want to watch, don't you?
  • Dorian: I'd rather stand upwind.
  • Iron Bull: Human sweat smells like pork that's been sitting in the sun. Just saying.
  • Dorian: I will never understand why Qunari warriors spend half their time running around bare-chested.
  • Iron Bull: Thought you'd appreciate that.
  • Dorian: It's stupid. They should wear armor.
  • Iron Bull: You see a member of the Beresaad in full armor, you run, because it's war.
  • Dorian: They should wear armor all the time!
  • Iron Bull: Then they'd have to invade everyone. You're so bloodthirsty.
  • Dorian: (Growls.)
  • Iron Bull: You doing all right, Dorian? I know family stuff can be rough.
  • Dorian: What would you know about it? True Qunari don't have families.

(If Iron Bull is Tal-Vashoth) [confirmation needed]

  • Iron Bull: Finding out you don't fit in with the people who raised you?
  • Iron Bull: Having to walk away from everything you grew up with, knowing you've disappointed the ones who loved you?

(If Iron Bull sacrificed the Chargers, or the conversation takes place before Demands Of The Qun)

  • Iron Bull: Burning out so hard you have to leave everything you've known and start over?
  • Iron Bull: I might know a bit. Takes a tough man to do it, too. So good on you, you big old fop.
  • Dorian: Yay. Good on me.
  • Dorian: Why is it always so cold? How do you southerners stand it?
  • Iron Bull: What's the matter? Not enough slaves around to rub your footsies?
  • Dorian: My footsies are freezing, thank you.

If neither is in a romance with the Inquisitor:

  • Iron Bull: Quite the stink-eye you've got going, Dorian.
  • Dorian: You stand there, flexing your muscles, huffing like some beast of burden with no thought save conquest.
  • Iron Bull: That's right. These big muscled hands could tear those robes off while you struggled, helpless in my grip.
  • Iron Bull: I'd pin you down, and as you gripped my horns; I. Would. Conquer. You.
  • Dorian: Uh. What?
  • Iron Bull: Oh. Is that not where we're going?
  • Dorian: No. It was very much not.

If neither is in a romance with the Inquisitor:

  • Iron Bull: I'm just saying, Dorian. You have this picture of the Qunari in your mind.
  • Iron Bull: Like you see us as this forbidden, terrible thing, and you're inclined to do the forbidden...
  • Dorian: I have no idea what you're talking about.
  • Iron Bull: All I'm saying is, you ever want to explore that, my door's always open.
  • Dorian: You are impossible. This is... (Growls.)
  • Iron Bull: Good. I like that energy. Stoke those fires, big guy.

If neither is in a romance with the Inquisitor:

  • Iron Bull: So, Dorian, about last night...
  • Dorian: (Sighs.) Discretion isn't your thing, is it?
  • Iron Bull: Three times! Also, do you want your silky underthings back, or did you leave those like a token?
  • Iron Bull: Or... wait, did you "forget" them so you'd have an excuse to come back? You sly dog!
  • Dorian: If you choose to leave your door unlocked like a savage, I may or may not come.
  • Iron Bull: Speak for yourself.

Iron Bull and Sera[edit | edit source]

  • Iron Bull: Sera, I had a thought. The next time we run into a line of enemies, I'll pick you up and throw you.
  • Sera: Get off.
  • Iron Bull: No! This could work! I loft you over the front rank, and you land behind them to flank ... mayhem ensues.
  • Sera: I can't fly, you daft tit!
  • Iron Bull: Think of the mayhem, Sera! Mayhem.
  • Sera: I'd get a wedge-up something fierce!
  • Iron Bull: Look, you and Varric are the only ones small enough and he's... pretty dense.
    • Varric: (if in the party) Ouch!
  • Sera: Well, do some bloody presses!
  • Sera: Bull, you like overthinking, right? I’ve got an idea.
  • Iron Bull: All right. Hit me.
  • Sera: You’re not throwing piss, but I could ride on your shoulders? You run and hit, I shoot.
  • Iron Bull: Hmm. You standing or sitting?
  • Sera: Sit on you own horns. I stand.
  • Iron Bull: Right, sorry. So, we’d be like a mobile siege platform. (Grunts.) Yeah... this could work.
  • Sera: Or! Wait! No! Better idea! Ice cream in beer!
  • Iron Bull: Uh, sure. That’s... not at all the same thing, but all right.
  • Sera: It’s probably shit. It’ll be great!

Only if the Inquisitor is not a female Qunari:

  • Sera: So, Bull. What are your women like?
  • Iron Bull: The Tamassrans? Terrifying... and inspiring. They teach you everything you need to know. Give your life purpose.
  • Sera: No, I mean, are they like you? Big and... phwoar.
  • Iron Bull: Oh, shit yeah.
  • Sera: (laughs) Wow.
  • Sera: You're not gonna start that Qun rubbish where you try to convert me, are you?
  • Iron Bull: (Laughs for a long time.) Uh, no.
  • Sera: What's so funny about that?
  • Iron Bull: You, uhh, you aren't really viddathari material.
  • Sera: What's that mean? I can be a videe... vivi... one of those things.
  • Sera: Bloody good one, too.
  • Sera: All right, why wouldn't I be a good viddy-whatever?
  • Iron Bull: Because you ask questions like that.
  • Sera: If it's so hard, maybe it's your stuff that's stupid.
  • Iron Bull: Hard to argue, sometimes.
  • Iron Bull: Hey, was that you back at Skyhold, with the custard?
  • Sera: Did you see it, all down the stairs?
  • Iron Bull: It was beautiful.
  • Sera: Dwarves are short!
  • Iron Bull: Everyone's short to me.
  • Sera: Yeah, but dwarves right? You'd need two to look one in the eye.
  • Iron Bull: Well, they'd both have a good view.
  • Iron Bull: You really believe all this Andraste stuff, Sera?
  • Sera: Well, sure, right?
  • Iron Bull: Then you support the templars and their treatment of the Circles? All that?
  • Sera: That’s not Andraste. That’s Chantry.
  • Iron Bull: Then you don’t support that Chantry.
  • Sera: Of course I do!
  • Iron Bull: All right, so you support the Chantry, except for the things that it...does? And this makes sense to you?
  • Sera: Is it supposed to? It’s belief, innit?
  • Iron Bull: I think I figured out how you fight, Sera.
  • Sera: Good for you?
  • Iron Bull: You don’t actually like thinking about hurting people, do you?
  • Iron Bull: Chopping them down, making the blood spray...
  • Sera: It’s not the hurting. It’s, ugh, parts.
  • Iron Bull: Right. So if we hack them up, you have to do it without thinking about it.
  • Sera: So?
  • Iron Bull: I don’t know. I thought it was interesting.
  • Sera: I don’t need to think about what I do. I do what I do.
  • Sera: Wait, Bull. All that rot you said about hacking people.
  • Iron Bull: Yeah?
  • Sera: You do like it?
  • Iron Bull: Oh, yes. Finding someone who needs killing and just taking them apart…
  • Iron Bull: Brutally, skillfully, so their last living thought is realizing that I’m stronger and smarter than they are?
  • Iron Bull: Yeah, I like that a lot.
  • Sera: That’s weird.
  • Iron Bull: I didn’t say it was healthy.
  • Iron Bull: Look, I can either press those feelings down until I snap and hurt someone I care about…
  • Iron Bull: Or we can go find some bad guys who need to die.
  • Sera: (Nervously) Right. Bring on the baddies.
  • Sera: All right, next time we fight someone, I'm gonna pin their foot to the ground.
  • Sera: Then you run at 'em, and shout "Flowerpot!" as you go.
  • Iron Bull: What? Why?
  • Sera: Because it's funny!
  • Iron Bull: Is this because I like cutting people? You're trying to make it less tactical and more ...funny?
  • Sera: Just shut up and do it!
  • Iron Bull: Argh. I'm not sure I get the joke, but ...alright. "Flowerpot". You've got it.
  • Iron Bull: And thanks.
  • Iron Bull: Hey, Sera, you see how I took that one guy's head clean off? Fantastic, right?
  • Sera: Ew. Parts are gross.
  • Iron Bull: Really? You kill how many people, and one little decapitation bugs you?
  • Sera: Killing, whatever. But when a bit comes off, it's not them anymore.
  • Sera: You don't see that? It's like, suddenly meat.
  • Iron Bull: No. No, I've never seen that.
  • Iron Bull: Hey, Sera. A few fights back, did you hit someone through my horns?
  • Sera: Probably. Great if I did, huh?
  • Iron Bull: (grunt.)
  • Sera: What, you'll afraid I'll stick your head by mistake?
  • Iron Bull: What? No, I trust you. I'm just thinking, if you can pull off tricks like that, maybe we can use this.
  • Iron Bull: I lock somebody's arms, get my head down, and you go through the horns for his throat.
  • Sera: Eww, you're taking all the fun out of it.
  • Iron Bull: That redhead in the last town? Remember her?
  • Sera: Too elfy.
  • Iron Bull: Your loss!
  • Sera: Pfft. How do you and elves even work?
  • Iron Bull: Hey, Sera, you see the blonde a few towns back? She was easy on the eyes.
  • Sera: The one with the huge ditties?
  • Iron Bull: No! Well, yes, but…
  • Iron Bull: What about the fancy bow on her apron, dangling all long and sassy, so someone could ease it open with one slow pull?
  • Iron Bull: You have to see the little details to get the whole person, Sera. There’s a woman behind those tits.
  • Sera: Yeah, waaaay behind.
  • Iron Bull: Sera, how did you get an entire beehive into Cullen's training dummy?
  • Sera: I don't know. Can't remember.

If Cole has not yet been recruited:

  • Sera: What? Things go sideways if you think too hard.
  • Iron Bull: But it's a beehive. Full of bees. Most people would pay attention.
  • Sera: That's why most people get stung.

If Cole has been recruited:

  • Iron Bull: Wait, do you think it was that magic Cole does? Like he helped you and then made you forget?
  • Sera: What? No! Piss, now it’s in my head!
  • Sera: Why’d you say that? You ruined a good beehive! Arse.

(If the Inquisitor used to be in a relationship with Iron Bull but now in a relationship with Sera)

  • Iron Bull: So, you and the Boss huh?
  • Sera: Oh that's right. You and she had.. Sorry. right?
  • Iron Bull: (Chuckles) Hey, no hard feelings. Glad I loosened the lid for you.
  • Sera: Pfft! (laughs)
  • Inquisitor: That's enough both of you!
  • Iron Bull: Fine fine. Touchy.
  • Inquisitor: If you are going to gossip. Don't do it when I'm here.
  • Sera: Oh loosen up you! See what I did? I did it too! (laughs)
  • Sera: I think she's turning purple.
  • Iron Bull: Not the first time.

(If Cassandra is in the party) Cassandra: Ugh.

(If Cole is in the party) Cole: Why does she carry a jar down there? Is there something in her hands?

(If Solas is in the party) Solas: I am decidedly uncomfortable.


  • Iron Bull: So, you and the boss huh?
  • Sera: I know right?
  • Iron Bull: Didn't think you were the kind to bed your way to power.
  • Sera: Power bed it's way to me. Big beautiful difference.
  • Inquisitor: You tell him! Love you too.
  • Sera: See?
  • Iron Bull: I stand corrected.


If the Inquisitor is in a romance with Sera:

  • Iron Bull: So, you and the boss, huh?
  • Sera: (laughs) I know, right?
  • Iron Bull: Didn’t figure you were the kind to bed your way to power.
  • Sera: You frigging take that back.
  • Iron Bull: Take what back? I didn’t mean anything by it.
  • Sera: That’s right, you didn’t. This matters. You don’t talk piss about what matters.
  • Iron Bull: Ah, so it matters, then. Good to know.
    If the Inquisitor is in a romance with Bull:
  • Sera: You're bedding the Inquisitor.
  • Iron Bull: Sometimes. Usually it's just against the wall.
  • Inquisitor: (Laughter.)
  • Sera: What's so funny?
  • Sera: Ooh, because you do it standing. Pfft.
  • Dorian: Mmm. Quite.


  • Inquisitor: (You be quiet!) Bull! No!
  • Bull: She sort of asked.
  • Sera: Ooh, because you do it standing. Pfft.
  • Cassandra: Moving on.
  • Varric: I usually describe a fireplace by this point.

(Occurs after What Pride Had Wrought)

  • Iron Bull: Mythal was some crazy shit, huh?
  • Sera: Not talking about it.
  • Iron Bull: Really? That's what off limits?
  • Sera: No, it's just simple. Demons and rubbish. Simple.
  • Sera: You're weird, Bull. You have all this Qun stuff, but you think Andraste's confusing?
  • Iron Bull: I think you're confusing. How can you just pick and choose what parts you believe in?  
  • Sera:There's real and there's ''really'' real.  
  • Iron Bull: Or as normal people would say, real and ''not'' real.  
  • Sera: I know what I said. I do.  


  • Iron Bull: Quit it with the stinkeye. What's wrong, Sera?
  • Sera: I don't get how Qun-thing makes everyone believe exactly the same stuff.
  • Iron Bull: But it's the same with your Chantry. Point is, a group needs rules, so you know who's in and who's out.
  • Sera: Only if the whole point is keeping people out.
  • Iron Bull: Yes? And?
  • Sera: That's not what Andraste's for. Shouldn't be.

(Occurs after Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts and Here Lies the Abyss)

  • Sera: Seems like that business at Adamant really worked you up, huh?
  • Iron Bull: And Halamshiral pissed you off something fierce.
  • Sera: We're like a guild. The "hate this rubbish" guild.
  • Iron Bull: We should get shirts. Probably need different sizes.
  • Sera: So you're free now or something? Must be nice to get rid of those Ben-Harseholes.
  • Iron Bull: You mean getting exiled from my people and declared Tal-Valshoth? Yeah, I should make a cake.
  • Sera: You like drinking and singing and breaking beds. You'd already left.
  • Iron Bull: The Qun keeps our savage natures in check. Without it, if I lose control...
  • Sera: Pfft, heard that before. Don't worry. You get growly, I'll kick your arse.
  • Iron Bull: Thank you.
  • Iron Bull: So, hey, Sera, a few fights ago, there was this one guy. I had his leg wounded, his shield down...
  • Sera: Oh, him, yeah! You're welcome!
  • Iron Bull: Yeah, see, I had him. I was winding up for the killing blow and everything. You didn't need to take him.
  • Sera: I wanted to see if I could get him without hitting you.
  • Iron Bull: What I'm saying is, please stop stealing my kills, Sera.
  • Sera: That's not a thing. Get faster.
  • Iron Bull: All right, you're not stealing, you're helping. Kill-helping. That's fine. (Grumbles.)

If the Inquisitor is in romance with Sera, and flirted with Bull:

  • Sera: So Bull, you two are flirty, right.
  • Bull: It's just friendly. I won't step in your business.
  • Sera: Friggin right you won't.
  • Bull: Relax, I don't want you lodged somewhere.
  • Iron Bull: You're really good with that bow, Sera. You lay down solid cover fire.
  • Sera: Two eyes. Helps, yeah?

Iron Bull and Solas[edit | edit source]

  • Solas: Iron Bull. I understand that among your people, you are... what is the term?
  • Iron Bull: Ben-Hassrath. Secret police. Spies, basically.
  • Solas: You spied upon your own people.
  • Iron Bull: Is that so different from Orlais or Ferelden? They have all kinds of people policing them.
  • Solas: What they say and do, yes. Not what they think.
  • Iron Bull: What you think is what you say and do.
  • Solas: No. Even the lowliest peasant may find freedom in the safety of her thoughts. You take even that.
  • Solas: Surely even you see, Iron Bull, that freedom is preferable to mindless obedience to the Qun.
  • Iron Bull: How so? Last I checked, our mages weren't burning down Par Vollen.
  • Solas: You think Orlais and Ferelden would be better off under Qunari rule?
  • Iron Bull: Not really my call. I think most people everywhere have a system that works for 'em.
  • Iron Bull: When that breaks, you fix it. Like we're doing now.
  • Solas: Do not equivocate. Would we or would we not be better under the Qun?
  • Iron Bull: It's not that simple, Solas.
  • Solas: It absolutely is.
  • Iron Bull: Alright, Solas, been thinking. You wanna know how this place would be if the Qunari took charge?
  • Iron Bull: Orlais, Ferelden, all of it would be healthier under the Qun.
  • Iron Bull: But the war to make that happen? That'd be ugly. A lot of good people would die.
  • Iron Bull: So I'm not hoping it happens. There! You happy?
  • Solas: Happy? No. Quite the opposite.
  • Iron Bull: Oh, come on. I said I didn't want us to invade you!
  • Solas: No. You said this world would be brighter if all thinking individuals were stripped of individuality.
  • Solas: You only lack the will to get more blood on your hands.
  • Iron Bull: Tell me something, Solas. Do you think the servants here are happier then the people living under the Qun in Par Vollen?
  • Solas: It doesn't matter if they are happy, it matters that they may choose!
  • Iron Bull: Choose? Choose what? Whether to do their work or get tossed onto the street to starve?
  • Solas: Yes! If a Ferelden servant decides that his life goal is to... become a poet, he can follow that dream!
  • Solas: It may be difficult, and he might fail. But the whole of society is not aligned to oppose him!
  • Iron Bull: Sure, and good for him. How many servants actually go do that, though?
  • Solas: Almost none! What does that matter?
  • Solas: Your Qun would crush the brilliant few for the mediocre many!
  • Iron Bull: And then people feel like crap for failing.
  • Iron Bull: When the truth is, the deck was stacked against them anyway.
  • Solas: If your Qun is so wonderful, so fair and perfect, how does it create so many Tal-Vashoth?

If the Inquisitor is Qunari:

  • Solas: There are enough of them to marry and have children, like the man/woman we travel with!
  • Iron Bull: And for every one who turns out alright, like him/her, and his/her parents, dozens go savage.


  • Iron Bull: Most Tal-Vashoth are nothing more than savages. Killing's all they know.
  • Iron Bull: The Ben-Hassrath are trying to lose fewer people to that sickness.
  • Solas: It isn't a sickness. You are losing them because they see a chance for freedom!
  • Solas: And most of them are "savage", as you say, because your culture taught them nothing else.
  • Solas: They know nothing but the Qun. So even as they fight against it, they are guided by its principles.
  • Iron Bull: Watch it, elf. You haven't seen the Tal-Vashoth like I have.
  • Iron Bull: Try watching a Tal-Vashoth kill a Tamassran and her kids. Then we'll talk.
  • Solas: You fought the Tal-Vashoth for a long time, Iron Bull, did you not?
  • Iron Bull: Every day.
  • Iron Bull: I'd kill some of them, they'd kill some of my guys, and then I'd kill them some more.
  • Solas: No man can kill so many people without breaking inside. To survive... those you fight must become monsters.
  • Iron Bull: The ones that kill innocent people, yeah. The rest... I don't know.
  • Solas: The mind does marvelous things to protect itself.
  • Iron Bull: So, Solas, you go into the Fade on purpose when you dream? Just to... hang out?
  • Solas: Yes. The Fade holds a trove of memories to explore. Spirits know secrets lost to this world.
  • Iron Bull: Yeah, but they're spirits. You can't treat 'em like people.
  • Solas: Would many not say the same of the Qunari?
  • Iron Bull: Uh, no, because Qunari don't go around trying to possess people and turn them into abominations.
  • Solas: Instead, you conquer them and turn them into servants of the Qun.
  • Iron Bull: Oh, come on!
  • Solas: Iron Bull, how do your people put on shirts?
  • Iron Bull: We don't, usually. It's pretty hot where we're from.
  • Iron Bull: But I can get into anything with a loose collar. Just gotta ease one horn through and then angle it up.
  • Iron Bull: There's a term for getting caught unprepared that translates to "running around with clothing stuck on your horns."
  • Solas: Colorful.
  • Iron Bull: Nice job in that last fight, Solas. You really kicked the crap outta that guy.
  • Solas: I suppose.
  • Iron Bull: What, you don't think so? You ripped him a new one. It was great!
  • Solas: Unless the fight is personal, violence is a means to an end. It isn't appropriate to celebrate.
  • Iron Bull: I don't know. Gotta wonder about anyone who fights as much as we do and doesn't have some fun with it.
  • Solas: We have fought living men, with loves and families, and all that they might have been is gone.
  • Iron Bull: Yeah, but they were assholes!
  • Solas: Hmm.
  • Iron Bull: Something wrong?
  • Solas: A man in the last village. Something in his manner troubles me.
  • Iron Bull: The baker with the squint and the red nose? Yeah, spy. Probably Venatori.
  • Solas: Why do you say that?
  • Iron Bull: He watched all of us. A normal guy would focus on you, because staff, or me, because horns.
  • Iron Bull: He had a dagger up his sleeve, which no baker needs, and the knot on his apron was tied Tevinter style.
  • Iron Bull: I sent a message to Red. She'll investigate.
  • Solas: You are more observant than you appear.
  • Iron Bull: The good spies usually are.
  • Iron Bull: You've got an odd style, Solas. Your spells are a bit different from the Circle mages or the Vints.
  • Solas: That comes from being self-taught.
  • Solas: I discovered most magic on my own, or learned it from my journeys in the Fade.
  • Iron Bull: I've seen self-taught warriors. Even the good ones have something awkward in their style, something that clunks.
  • Iron Bull: I don't get that from you. Maybe magic is different.
  • Solas: Or without magical training, you cannot notice the parts of my magic that "clunk".
  • Iron Bull: Hey, Solas, you ever do your Fade thing and pretend you can fly?
  • Iron Bull: Just flap your arms and zip around in there? Then maybe bang some hot Fade ladies?
  • Solas: No. Such behavior attracts the attention of demons.
  • Iron Bull: Aww. Demons shit up everything.

If the Inquisitor saved the Dreadnought during Demands of the Qun:

  • Iron Bull: So, you going to let me have it, Solas? Or do I get to wait and wonder.
  • Solas: What do you mean?
  • Iron Bull: We've got the alliance with my people. Given how much you love the Qun, I figured...
  • Solas: I might scold you? Berate you for your decisions?
  • Iron Bull: Hey. The Chargers died as heroes for the good of the mission.
  • Solas: I never said otherwise.
  • Solas: The truth is, Iron Bull, you are Qunari. I cannot be disappointed in your decisions.
  • Solas: As a mindless, soulless drone, you could never make any.

If the Inquisitor saved the Chargers during Demands of the Qun:

  • Solas: You are not Tal-Vashoth, Iron Bull, not really.
  • Iron Bull: Well that's a fuckin' relief.

If the Inquisitor is Qunari:

  • Solas: No more than our Inquisitor, who's parents left the Qun before s/he was born.


  • Solas: You are no beast, snapping under the stress of the Qun's harsh discipline.
  • Solas: You are a man who made a choice... possibly the first of your life.
  • Iron Bull: I've always liked fighting. What if I turn savage, like the other Tal-Vashoth?
  • Solas: You have the Inquisition, you have the Inquisitor... and you have me.
  • Iron Bull: Thanks, Solas.

If the Inquisitor saved the Chargers during Demands of the Qun:

  • Solas: How do you feel, Iron Bull? Do you need a distraction to focus your mind?
  • Iron Bull: Well, this area's low on dancing girls, sadly.
  • Solas: King's pawn to E4.
  • Iron Bull: You're shitting me. We don't even have a board!
  • Solas: Too complicated for a savage Tal-Vashoth?
  • Iron Bull: (grumbles) Smug little asshole. Pawn to E5.
  • Solas: Pawn to F4. King's Gambit.
  • Iron Bull: Accepted. Pawn takes pawn. Give me a bit to get the pieces set in my head. Then we'll see what you've got.
  • Solas: So, where were we? Ah, yes. Mage to C4.
  • Iron Bull: Little aggressive. Arishok to H4. Check.
  • Solas: Speaking of aggressive. I assume Arishok is your term for the Queen? King to F1.
  • Iron Bull: Pawn to B5.
  • Solas: All right. You have my curiosity. Mage takes Pawn.
  • Iron Bull: You call your Tamassrans Mages? Ben-Hassrath to F6.
  • Solas: You call your Knights Ben-Hassrath? Incidentally, Knight to F3.
  • Iron Bull: Ben-Hassrath makes more sense than horses. They're sneaky, and they can move through enemy lines. Arishok to H6.
  • Solas: Pawn to D3.
  • Iron Bull: Ben-Hassrath to H5. Hah! All right, take some time. Think about your life choices.
  • Solas: All right, Bull. If you are prepared: Knight to H4.
  • Iron Bull: Arishok to G5. So, you giving up the Tamassran at B5 or the Ben-Hassrath at H4?
  • Solas: Neither. Knight to F5.
  • Iron Bull: Pawn to C6. Left your Tamassran hanging out.
  • Solas: And you, your Knight. Or Ben-Hassrath, if you will. Pawn to G4.
  • Iron Bull: Ben-Hassrath to F6.
  • Solas: Hmm. Tower to G1.
  • Iron Bull: Hah! Pawn takes your Tamassran - or Mage, or whatever it is.
  • Solas: I get the idea.
  • Iron Bull: Too much time playing with spirits, Fade Walker.
  • Solas: We shall see.
  • Solas: If you have a moment, Bull: Pawn to H4
  • Iron Bull: Arishok to G6.
  • Solas: Pawn to H5. Careful.
  • Iron Bull: You're the one who lost his Mage. Arishok to G5.
  • Solas: Queen to F3.
  • Iron Bull: Oh, clever. Almost trapped my Arishok. Ben-Hassrath to G8.
  • Solas: Mage takes Pawn, threatens Queen.
  • Iron Bull: (grunts) Arishok to F6.
  • Solas: Knight to C3. You've developed nothing but your Queen.
  • Iron Bull: Don't get cocky, you're still one Tamassran down. Tamassran to C5, by the way.
  • Solas: Hmm. I will need to consider.
  • Solas: After careful consideration: Knight to D5.
  • Iron Bull: Arishok takes Pawn at B2.
  • Solas: Mage to D6.
  • Iron Bull: Arishok takes Tower. Check. What are you doing, Solas?
  • Solas: King to E2.
  • Iron Bull: All right, Tamassran takes Tower. Your last Tower, by the way.
  • Solas: Pawn to E5.
  • Iron Bull: Really. I've got my whole army bearing down on your King, and you're moving a Pawn?
  • Iron Bull: Are you even trying anymore?
  • Solas: Think about it, my friend.
  • Iron Bull: All right, Solas. I've thought about it. Ready to finish this? Ben-Hassrath to A6.
  • Solas: Knight takes Pawn at G7. Check.
  • Iron Bull: Uh-huh. King to D8.
  • Solas: Queen to F6, Check.
  • Iron Bull: And now my Ben-Hassrath takes your Queen.
  • Iron Bull: You've got no Towers. You're down to a single Mage. Too bad you wasted time moving that Pawn to... to...
  • Iron Bull: You sneaky son of a bitch.
  • Solas: Mage to E7. Checkmate.
  • Iron Bull: (grunts) Nice game, mage.
  • Solas: And you as well, Tal-Vashoth.
  • Iron Bull: You're not as flashy as most mages, Solas.
  • Iron Bull: The Tevinter mages I fought in Seheron tried to scare us with what they could do.
  • Iron Bull: Dorian looks like he's waiting for applause after every spell. Even Viv has this confident swagger.
    • Dorian: (if in the party) As any good mage would.
  • Iron Bull: Vivienne has this little swagger, like she knows she's the most dangerous thing in the room.
    • Vivienne: (if in the party) I am the most dangerous thing in the room darling.
    • Iron Bull: Yes, ma'am. Sorry, ma'am.
  • Iron Bull: Not the quiet elven mage, though. No frills. Nothing to give you away. Half our targets never even see you coming.
  • Solas: I shall take that as a compliment.
  • Iron Bull: If you like.

(During the Demands of the Qun quest, and includes dialogue with Gatt)

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

  • Gatt: I don't see any tattoos, but you're carrying a staff. Are you from a Chantry Circle?
  • Solas: No. And I would prefer not to discuss it.
  • Gatt: Have I done something to offend you?
  • Solas: You joined the Qun.
  • Gatt: After they rescued me from slavery.
  • Solas: And put you into something worse.
  • Solas: A slave may always struggle for freedom, but you among the Qun have been taught not to think.
  • Iron Bull: Solas, not the time.

Iron Bull and Varric[edit | edit source]

  • Varric: You know, I met the Arishok.
  • Iron Bull: Oh, the old one? Man, he had an impressive rack. The new Arishok doesn't have horns at all. Usually means they're destined for something special.
  • Varric: I met him too. The only thing they seem to have in common is a tendency to burn things.
  • Iron Bull: That pretty much sums up the antaam, yes.
  • Varric: So, you're Ben-Hassrath, eh? The spies of the Qunari.
  • Iron Bull: Oh, you've heard of us?
  • Varric: I spent some time in Kirkwall.
  • Iron Bull: That must have been fun.
  • Varric: You could say that.
  • Varric: You're not the first Ben-Hassrath I've run across. Hawke and I went on a caper with one named Tallis.
  • Iron Bull: You don't say.
  • Varric: She caused us no end of trouble. You wouldn't know her, by any chance?
  • Iron Bull: Hey, one time I ran across this dwarf on the road. Short, grouchy... You think you might know him?
  • Varric: I'm in the Merchant's Guild. Ten royals says I not only know him - he owes me money.
  • Iron Bull: Oh. Well. No, I don't know Tallis. Sorry.
  • Varric: How could you possibly be a spy?
  • Iron Bull: Well, it's a pretty easy job. I do some fighting, and drinking, and then once in a while I tell Par-Vollen about it.
  • Varric: Heh. Where's the sneaking, plotting, the subtle machinations?
  • Iron Bull: If you do that, everyone knows you're a spy. Drinking, fighting, writing notes, that's all it really takes.
  • Varric: Shit. You're really the worst Qunari ever or the best. I can't decide.
  • Iron Bull: Still waiting for me to do something sneaky and spy-like?
  • Varric: I'll see magical dwarves flying through the sky before that happens.
  • Iron Bull: Good! Because I'm supposed to ask about your friend Isabela.
  • Varric: See? And I still can't tell if you're shitting me! Sometimes, you're so Qunari it makes my head hurt.
  • Iron Bull: Hey, don't most dwarves have beards - or at least mustaches or something?
  • Varric: I make up for it elsewhere.
  • Iron Bull: You're a damn fine marksman. How do you manage that while staring up at everyone's ass the whole time?
  • Varric: In the world of tall people you find ways to keep them from tripping over you.
  • Iron Bull: You ever get the asses mixed up?
  • Varric: If I do, Tiny, you'll be the first to know.
  • Iron Bull: So in your books, the stuff with the spies is all wrong.
  • Varric: If only I'd had you around to consult.
  • Iron Bull: That 'blue swan flies at midnight' stuff doesn't work. Most times, you pass information on a dead drop. No meetings at all.
  • Varric: Bah... where's the drama in that?
  • Iron Bull: Urgh... can't you mess up the realism of something else? Like lyrium smuggling?
  • Iron Bull: By the way, Varric, you write some nice fight scenes.
  • Varric: Well, thank you. I'm surprised you think so. They're not exactly realistic.
  • Iron Bull: I figured that out when the good guy did a backflip while wearing a chain mail shirt.
  • Varric: And that didn't bother you?
  • Iron Bull: Back in Seheron, I fell on a guy who tried to stab me in the gut. I felt the blade chip as it went through my gut and hit my back ribs. But I was alive, and on top. I sawed through the armor on the rebel's neck, back and forth, until it went red. I don't need a book to remind me that the world is full of horrible crap.
  • Varric: Impossible swashbuckling it is.
  • Varric: Hey, Tiny, any chance you could get out of the way when I'm trying to shoot?
  • Iron Bull: Maybe you should stand in front of me. I'd still have a clear shot at all the bad guys from the knees up.
  • Iron Bull: Hey, Varric. You get that thing I asked about?
  • Varric: It should be there next time we head back to base. Not easy to find, by the way.
  • Iron Bull: How do you guys live without this stuff?
  • Varric: I don't see what the deal is, honestly, but different tastes...
  • Iron Bull: Now I just need some hot milk and some of those Orlesian guimauves to put in it.
  • Varric: Hey, what you do with this "cocoa" is up to you. I don't need to hear about it.
  • Varric: Why go with iron? Iron is brittle. Why not call yourself "The Steel Bull" or something?
  • Iron Bull: Steel Bull was already taken by a pit fighter in Antiva city. Thought about "Veridian," but it turns out there's two exotic dancers in Llomerryn who use that one. Identical twins.
  • Varric: Hm... silverite?
  • Iron Bull: Tavern in Rialto.
  • Varric: (laughs) So iron was the only thing left.
  • Iron Bull: Well, I could have gone into textiles, but that sends the wrong message.
  • Varric: I've got to ask, what's with Qunari and their swords?
  • Iron Bull: That's just the warriors. Ben-Hassraths use whatever tool is right for the job. Besides, didn't you name your crossbow after a woman?
  • Varric: Huh. Point taken.
  • Varric: Is the Qun some kind of big secret? How come no Qunari I've met would explain it even slightly?
  • Iron Bull: It's not a secret. It's just too big for a quick chat. "Tell me about the Qun," is like saying "Tell me about economics." Most Qunari know just enough to get by. It's like blind dwarves trying to figure out a dragon by touch. Only the priests really have the whole picture, and they spend their whole lives figuring that crap out.
  • Varric: Well, I'll leave them to it then.
  • Iron Bull: You know what I miss? Horn balm. It's impossible to get it out here.
  • Varric: Really? Back in Kirkwall you couldn't kick open a crate without finding a jar of the stuff!
  • Iron Bull: Really? You got any?
  • Varric: Ah, no. We usually just threw it away.
  • Iron Bull: (Grumbles.) ...horns itching... (Grumbles.)
  • Iron Bull: Ah, these are the types of fights I love.
  • Varric: Really?
  • Iron Bull: Every day back in Seheron, I waited for a dagger in the back. Is that civilian secretly working for the Vints? Or is she just scared because she's caught between us and them? Here, the bad guys practically have signs. It's so much easier!
  • Varric: Well, it is simpler, I'll give you that.
  • Iron Bull: Hey, Varric, are you gonna write me into one of your stories?
  • Varric: How could I not?
  • Iron Bull: When you do, make sure you describe the musculature right. Cause this isn't just endurance work—there was a lot of strength training to get here. You wanna use words like "rippling" or "ripped." "Ripped" is good.
  • Varric: Hmm... The Iron Bull's belly was prone to rippling after every meal. He rarely wore shirts as they ripped under the strain.
  • Iron Bull: That hurts, Varric. That's hurtful.
  • Iron Bull: Hey, Varric, I was reading your stuff... Where do your bad guys come from?
  • Varric: Well, some of them come from Tevinter and some are Ben-Hassrath spies... but I like the stories where the villain was the man beside you the whole time. The best villains don't see themselves as evil. They're fighting for a good cause, willing to get their hands dirty.
  • Iron Bull: All right, that's really deep and all, but I meant where do the bad guys come from literally? The way you write it, it's like they just fall from the sky and land on top on the hero.
  • Varric: I like to leave some things to the reader's imagination.
  • Varric: You doing all right, Bull? I heard you breathing a little hard after the last fight.
  • Iron Bull: (grunts) Lung exercises. Clearing the stale humors. It's a Qun thing.
  • Varric: Uh-huh.
  • Iron Bull: Hey, some of us have to swing a giant hunk of metal instead of pulling our girlfriend's trigger from the back ranks.
  • Varric: (laughs) Ouch.
  • Iron Bull: Too close to home?
  • Varric: No, no... that was good. I should find some way to work that into my next book.
  • Iron Bull: All right, but it was my line. You're gonna credit me in the acknowledgements, right?

If the Inquisitor saved the Chargers during Demands of the Qun:

  • Varric: So, you're a free man, Tal-Vashoth.
  • Iron Bull: Living the life. Unless you think I'm even more secretly a spy now.
  • Varric: I think you finally decided whether you care about your people or your people.
  • Iron Bull: Hmm... something like that.
  • Varric: You made the right choice.

If the Inquisitor saved the Dreadnought during Demands of the Qun:

  • Varric: So, Qunari in good standing. You must be proud?
  • Iron Bull: Tolerably. Not a friend of the alliance.
  • Varric: I got to see enough of the Qunari back in Kirkwall.
  • Iron Bull: Hey... we probably won't try to burn down a city this time.
  • Varric: No? You could always trust the Qunari, until you're between them and something they want.

After Varric's personal quest:

  • Iron Bull: So, your girlfriend is a smith.
  • Varric: Yes...?
  • Iron Bull: She makes weapons... with her own hands?
  • Varric: Among other things...
  • Iron Bull: That's hot.

If Bull romanced the Inquisitor:

  • Varric: So, Bull. You and the Inquisitor, huh?
  • Iron Bull: Mm-hmm.
  • Varric: I'd love some impressions. Imagery. Something for my next book.
  • Iron Bull: Sorry. That room is for him/her and me. No one else invited.
  • Varric: Safe harbor from the storm outside?
  • Iron Bull: All right, now you're just making it weird.

If Bull romanced Dorian:

  • Varric: So, Bull. You and Dorian?
  • Iron Bull: Mm-hmm.
  • Varric: "Two worlds tearing them apart, Tevinter and Qunari, with only love to keep them together."
  • Dorian: I don't see how this is even remotely your business, Varric.
  • Iron Bull: Could you make it sound angrier? "Love" is a bit soft.
  • Dorian: Please stop helping the dwarf.
  • Varric: How about passion?
  • Iron Bull: Yes, that's better. Love is all starlight and gentle blushes. Passion leaves your fingers sore from clawing the sheets.
  • Dorian: You could at least have had the courtesy to use the bedposts.
  • Iron Bull: Hey, don't top from the bottom.
  • Varric: Passion it is, then.

Iron Bull and Vivienne[edit | edit source]

  • Iron Bull: You know, Viv, you're not bad with that staff.
  • Vivienne: You will address me as Enchanter Vivienne, Court Mage to the Empire of Orlais, or Madame de Fer. Not, "Viv."
  • Iron Bull: Oh. Right, ma'am. Sorry, ma'am.
  • Vivienne: Hmm. Yes, "ma'am" works as well.
  • Vivienne: Iron Bull, did you clean your weapon after the last fight?
  • Iron Bull: Uh, no. Odds are we're gonna be killing something again in a few minutes. Besides, the bloodstains are good for scaring enemies. They see a big, messy blade, and they, you know... Um... I'll go clean it.
  • Vivienne: Thank you, darling.
  • Iron Bull: Yes, ma'am.
  • Vivienne: I wonder what sort of eyepatch we should get you.
  • Vivienne: I think gold, inlaid with glowing lyrium and amethysts...
  • Iron Bull: Oh. Hadn't thought of it like that, ma'am.
  • Vivienne: Now, Bull, the steps of the Dance of Six Candles?
  • Iron Bull: Waaaaait a minute. I know what this is. You're screwing with me because you look like a tamassran! It's the whole authoritative-female thing, plus that hat with the horns. You've been playing me! Well, I was trained by the Ben-Hassrath! You think I don't know how to handle manipulation?
  • Vivienne: Bull... step, step, turn...?
  • Iron Bull: (Sighs.) Step, shuffle, spin, ma'am.
  • Iron Bull: Are you sure you're not, maybe, just a little bit tamassran, ma'am?
  • Vivienne: My dear, I don't believe there is such a thing as "a little bit tamassran."
  • Iron Bull: All right, point taken. But you're pretty tall for a human. Maybe there was a Qunari there a few generations back?
  • Vivienne: Bull, darling, I wear high heels and tall hats. Fashion is not, so far as I know, a demand of the Qun.
  • Iron Bull: You've got a point there. Usually the Qun doesn't even demand pants.

If the Inquisition sided with the templars:

  • Iron Bull: So, ma'am, you all right with the Inquisition bringing in templars?
  • Vivienne: Of course. Magic works best when responsibly supervised, for the safety and protection of all.

If the Inquisition sided with the rebel mages:

  • Iron Bull: So, ma'am, you must be pleased the Inquisition brought in all those rebel mages.

If the Inquisition allied with the mages:

  • Vivienne: Hardly. Magic is dangerous, and with the Inquisition's alliance, the mages are now dangerously independent.

If the Inquisition conscripted the mages:

  • Vivienne: Hardly. At least they have been made keenly aware of the restrictions of their role within the Inquisition.
  • Iron Bull: Your views of magic don't quite mesh with what I was taught about mages outside the Qun.
  • Vivienne: Life is a series of necessary restrictions, Iron Bull.
  • Vivienne: The small-minded beat against every wall they find. The wise learn to make the most of the options they have.
  • Vivienne: I have heard of the life of the saarebas, Iron Bull, but I'm curious about your viewpoint.
  • Iron Bull: It's sad, mostly. The magic appears late in childhood just like it does for you folks. Some kid's gone years learning to be a baker or soldier or builder, and then one day, that's all gone.
  • Vivienne: You sound as though you pity them.
  • Iron Bull: Well... yes. In theory, they're no different from anyone else. The tamassrans and the Ben-Hassrath protect everyone from their own mistakes. They're people too, just serving the Qun. But too many Qunari are afraid of them.
  • Vivienne: Not you, though.
  • Iron Bull: No. Anyone who takes that burden and lives a good life with it has my respect.
  • Iron Bull: So ma'am, what do you think of Skyhold?
  • Vivienne: Why do you ask?
  • Iron Bull: Well, I don't know crap about magic so if the Veil is thin, or it's weak against demons somehow, I can't tell.
  • Vivienne: It needs gold caps on the towers, bunting in the courtyard, and a great deal of soap.
  • Iron Bull: Ah. Got it.
  • Iron Bull: All right ma'am, I get that Skyhold needs a fresh coat of paint.
  • Vivienne: At the bare minimum. Ideally we could have the battlements enameled or... sheathed in marble.
  • Iron Bull: But it looks good, right? With that silhouette, it's just daring somebody to try to attack it.
  • Vivienne: This is the limitation of your upbringing under the Qun, darling. Skyhold must not merely unnerve potential foes. It must entice potential allies.
  • Iron Bull: Well, that's why we have you and Josephine. And apparently marble sheaths.
  • Vivienne: I understand that under the Qun, mages are tightly controlled to protect others from their power.
  • Iron Bull: You don't need to worry. I have no intention of trying to leash anyone.
  • Vivienne: I never worry, darling. A leash can be pulled from either end.
  • Iron Bull: I thought mages in Orlais didn't fight. You're more than capable with combat magic.
  • Vivienne: Mages in Orlais do not fight without permission, my dear. Some are better at gaining permission than others.
  • Iron Bull: So, ma'am, with the magic, do you prefer fire, or lightning, or cold, or what?
  • Vivienne: The proper tool for the proper task. Fire reminds an enemy that you can destroy everything around. Lightning puts the fear of the Maker into her. Cold makes her think you implacable, while spirit energy conjures fears of demons.
  • Iron Bull: I like cold, cause it freezes them, and then they break into little bits when I chop them in half.
  • Vivienne: That's fine too, dear.
  • Iron Bull: So mages in the Circle really have to defend themselves against a demon?
  • Vivienne: As part of our Harrowing, we must prove we can defend against possession, and thus are no danger to the world.
  • Iron Bull: (grunts) Demons. That's messed up.
  • Vivienne: Don't worry, my dear. Should we encounter demons, I will protect you.
  • Iron Bull: So what's it like shacking up in the Circle?
  • Vivienne: Excuse me?
  • Iron Bull: Well I assume people do it. And you're people. So, you have to have... I mean... come on, with those... just forget I asked.
  • Vivienne: I shall.
  • Vivienne: Iron Bull, stop picking at that scab or it won't heal properly.
  • Iron Bull: I know! But the scab will look amazing! You see, it already sort of look like a wyvern's... (sighs) I'll just put the bandage back on now. Sorry, ma'am.
  • Vivienne: Thank you, darling.
  • Vivienne: My dear Iron Bull, stand up straight. You're slouching like a sulking child.
  • Iron Bull: I keep smacking my horns going through doors.
  • Vivienne: Darling, you are in no danger from a door beam. Just watch where you're going.
  • Iron Bull: Uh... I may have done it a couple of times on purpose, to see if I can knock the frame loose...
  • Vivienne: I confess, Iron Bull, I had assumed you would not be comfortable fighting alongside a mage.
  • Iron Bull: We use Saarebas when we need to.
  • Vivienne: That is hardly the same.
  • Iron Bull: No, ma'am. Fighting with you is more like hitting an enemy while a dreadnought pounds their front line. All fire and smoke ahead of you—half the enemies already on the ground by the time you get there.
  • Vivienne: So, I am a Qunari dreadnought?
  • Iron Bull: I... er... didn't mean to offend you.
  • Vivienne: Not at all! I am Madame de Fer.
  • Vivienne: Tell me, Iron Bull, is there anything I can do to assist you more effectively in combat?
  • Iron Bull: Uh, no. No, I'm good.
  • Vivienne: You do so much fighting at the front. I would help, however I may. If my skills can weaken your opponents to make your fight easier, please let me know.
  • Iron Bull: Well, nobody fights well when their clothes are on fire... But honestly, I do really like the ice. Whatever works for you, though, ma'am.
  • Vivienne: I am always happy to help.
  • Iron Bull: I assume that... between living in the Circle and... wherever you live in Orlais, you don't get out much, ma'am.
  • Vivienne: It is somewhat uncommon, yes.
  • Iron Bull: Enjoying the great outdoors?
  • Vivienne: The next time we make camp I intend to construct a bath. I need you to find me fresh water.
  • Iron Bull: Yes, ma'am.
  • Iron Bull: So, ma'am, what does the Circle know about Fade rifts and such?
  • Vivienne: Very little. No mage of the Circle had encountered anything like this before the Breach.
  • Iron Bull: Well, that's reassuring.

After Here Lies the Abyss:

  • Iron Bull: So, ma'am, the Warden mages at Adamant, they don't have to be part of the Circle?
  • Vivienne: No. The Grey Wardens are free of the confines of the Circle, so they may battle the darkspawn unfettered.
  • Vivienne: Some mages who chafe at the Circle's constraints actually hope to be recruited.
  • Iron Bull: Not you though?
  • Vivienne: Darling, my interests lie in the Circle and the Court. The Wardens are irrelevant to both.
  • Iron Bull: Well after seeing what they did with blood magic, a nice strong Circle looks pretty good.

If Vivienne did not go into the Fade during Here Lies the Abyss, but Bull did:

  • Iron Bull: So, ma'am, you've been in the Fade, right?
  • Vivienne: Not physically, as you were at Adamant.
  • Iron Bull: Oh. Well, you're lucky then. It was awful.
  • Vivienne: I can imagine.
  • Iron Bull: Can you? Because it was more demons than I can imagine. And I'm quite good at imagining demons.

If Vivienne went into the Fade during Here Lies the Abyss, but Bull didn't:

  • Iron Bull: So, ma'am, you went into the Fade at Adamant, right?
  • Vivienne: A most unpleasant experience.
  • Iron Bull: I know, right! Glad it isn't just me.
  • Vivienne: The water was utterly dreadful, and the lighting was dreary.
  • Iron Bull: Also demons trying to eat our souls. Really not sad I missed that one. We have more than enough demons outside.

After Here Lies the Abyss:

  • Iron Bull: So was it like that when you went through your Harrowing to become a Circle mage?
  • Vivienne: No. My Harrowing was nothing like that.
  • Iron Bull: At least I don't have to worry about crap from the Fade trying to kill us anymore.
  • Vivienne: Why not?
  • Iron Bull: We kicked the Nightmare's ass! You gotta figure any demon is gonna think twice before coming after us now.
  • Vivienne: Actually the depth of emotion you experience might draw demons to you more strongly.
  • Iron Bull: Oh for shit's sake.

After Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts:

  • Iron Bull: So ma'am, with respect, all that crap at Halamshiral made sense to you?
  • Vivienne: Of course! Florianne's motive was unfortunate, but hardly inscrutable.
  • Iron Bull: But how does Orlais work with all the nobles screwing each other over like that? I mean, give Corypheus credit; if we hadn't stopped him he'd brought down the whole empire.
  • Vivienne: Then it is fortunate that we did stop him.
  • Iron Bull: You really think Orlais works the way it is, ma'am? With all that infighting? All those selfish blowhards?
  • Vivienne: Orlais is selfish, but that ambition you decry breeds its own strengths. Those who rule Orlais never fear treachery from the rest of the world. They have already faced far worse.
  • Iron Bull: Well, that's one way to train your leaders.

After Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts:

  • Vivienne: You cannot go shirtless in front of the preeminent nobles of Orlais. Let us see...
  • Iron Bull: Hey, I had a shirt in Halamshiral!
  • Vivienne: In Halamshiral, you were a blade of cheap iron. When I am done, you will shine like a gleaming dawnstone saber.
  • Vivienne: A purple coat, tight at the waist, slashed with silver, emerald accents. Open at the collar to accentuate your chest.
  • Vivienne: Every woman will want you. Every man will want to be you.
  • Iron Bull: Well... all right, tell me more about the coat.
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