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Recruitment Edit

After The Threat Remains the Inquisitor can recruit the Iron Bull in The Captain of the Chargers. He also can be romanced by both Male and Female inquisitors.

Iron Bull's Disposition Edit

The player can tell generally how Iron Bull feels about the Inquisitor by engaging him in a "generic" conversation (i.e. a conversation where his greeting is not changed by any other factors such as a quest or cutscene).

Hostile/Cold/Neutral (-75 to +34):
Iron Bull will greet the Inquisitor in one of the following ways:
  • "How's it going?"
  • "Can I help you?"
  • "What can I do for you?"
  • "What's going on?"
Iron Bull will bid the Inquisitor farewell with "See you."
Warm/Friendly (35 to 125):
Iron Bull will greet the Inquisitor with
  • "Hey, you need me?"
  • "How you doing?"
  • "Hey, boss. How are you?"
  • "Good to see you, boss."
  • "Pleasure as always, boss."
Iron Bull will bid the Inquisitor farewell with "See you." or "Nice talking with you boss."
If romanced, Iron Bull will greet the Inquisitor with "Need anything, kadan" or "How you doing, kadan?" or just "Kadan".

Cutscenes Edit

You had something to show me? Edit

Available immediately upon reaching Skyhold

No approval changes when talking to the soldiers
I know every soldier under my command. You don't have that option... but a few faces might help.
  • Q Why did you act like that?
  • (Special) They may think less of you.
  • This was good. - DAIApproval Slightly Approves
  • Their attitudes surprised me.
  • This was depressing. - DAIApproval Slightly Disapproves

You wanted to get drinks? Edit

Skyhold, requires +35; begins a scene with the Bull's Chargers
The song the Chargers sing at the end counts towards Song icon Patron of the Arts

No approval changes

After Here Lies the Abyss (Siege of Adamant) Edit

After the siege of Adamant in Here Lies the Abyss.

Qunari training exercise to master your fear. I heard about the Nightmare at Adamant. Sounded big. / Been awhile since I needed it, but that nightmare demon was... big. / Just hit me with the stick, all right? I need to get over this demon crap.
  • Q What is this exercise? /repeat the rest/
  • [Hit him.] DAIApproval Greatly Approves
Who's stuck in the fade, huh? (Grunts.)
  • You're sure about this? DAIApproval Slightly Disapproves
  • This helps you?
  • That's right, let it out. DAIApproval Approves
Oh... I needed that. Thanks, Boss.
  • You like it rough. (Available if the Inquisitor is not in a current romance.)DAIApproval Approves
  • You're really alright?
  • Feeling better?
  • Not a problem.
  • Let's talk this through. DAIApproval Disapproves
You’re not gonna hit me, are you?
  • I can play hard. (Available if the Inquisitor is not in a current romance.)
  • I’d rather talk.
  • What makes this stick special?
  • You don’t need it. DAIApproval Slightly Approves
Possession? Losing your mind? That’s the worst thing that can happen to you.
  • I understand.
  • Worse than dying?
  • Get over it. DAIApproval Slightly Approves

An alliance with the Qunari Edit

Skyhold, requires some amount of approval
Begins Demands of the Qun
Codex Unlocked: Qunari Dreadnoughts

Glad you came by. I got a letter from my contacts in the Ben-Hassrath. Already verified It with Red.
No approval changes
They're ready to work with us. With you, boss. The Qunari and the Inquisition, joining forces.
  • I don't trust them. - DAIApproval Slightly Approves
  • I'm interested. - DAIApproval Slightly Approves
  • This doesn't interest me. - DAIApproval Slightly Disapproves
They're worried about tipping the smugglers, so no army. My Chargers, you, maybe some backup.
  • [Investigate.]
No approval changes.
  • I'll do it. - DAIApproval Approves
  • I don't trust Qunari. - DAIApproval Disapproves

During Demands of the Qun Edit

If you choose to save The Chargers Edit

All these years, Hissrad, and you throw away all that you are. For what? For this? For them?
  • Don't call him Hissrad DAIApproval Slightly approves
  • I'm sorry, Gatt.
  • Gatt, we can salvage this. DAIApproval Slightly disapproves
===== After returning to Skyhold =====
So much for that.
  • [Underworld Knowledge Perk] We might be able to minimize losses. DAIApproval Approves
  • How are you feeling? DAIApproval Slightly disapproves
  • You did the right thing. DAIApproval Slightly approves
  • I'm sorry. DAIApproval Slightly disapproves
Good to see you, inquisitor.
No approval changes

If you choose to save the dreadnought Edit

(Sighs.) Yeah.
  • I'm sorry.
  • Look away, Bull. DAIApproval Slightly disapproves
  • Can they do it? DAIApproval Slightly approves
===== After returning to Skyhold =====
You'll have Qunari support on the seas, as well as our full intelligence network.
No approval changes
A Qunari alliance. That's a first.
  • Go take some time.
  • I'm sorry about your men. DAIApproval Slightly approves
  • What does this mean for you? DAIApproval Slightly disapproves

On the battlements Edit

Skyhold, after Demands of the Qun

(If The Inquisitor saved Iron Bull's men)

Guess I'm not even worth sending professionals for.
No approval changes
  • Will you make it through this? (ends scene) - DAIApproval Approves (after the scene)
  • Report this attack, please. (ends scene) - DAIApproval Approves (after the scene)
  • (Qunari Inquisitor only) Just like me. / So am I. - DAIApproval Approves
And now I'm one of them.
No approval changes
  • (Romance) You're still you. - DAIApproval Approves
And now I'm one of them.
No approval changes

After the scene you'll get another DAIApproval Approves.

(If The Inquisitor saved the dreadnought)

Krem, Rocky, Dalish, all of 'em. Dead for the Iron Bull, a man who never really existed.
Q Are you not the Bull anymore? (repeat)
  • You don't have to change.
  • This is good for you. - DAIApproval Slightly Approves
Ataash varin kata. Asit tal-eb.
  • I honor their sacrifice. - DAIApproval Approves
  • We'll fight for them. - DAIApproval Approves

Taarsidath-an halsaam Edit

Available after killing a high dragon for the first time (he doesn't have to be in the party)

Bug icon Bug! This conversation may trigger even though no high dragon has yet been defeated. Merely engaging one in combat and then retreating seems to count as well, which can happen very early on, possibly before Iron Bull has been encountered at all (running into the Fereldan Frostback in the Hinterlands by accident is a good example, or watching the Vinsomer on the Storm Coast battle the giant until it flies away). The conversation still runs its course as described below, but the +20 approval points for Iron Bull gained from killing a high dragon for the first time with him in the party are irrevocably lost if it happens. The repeatable +5 approval points for every subsequent dragon slain are not affected by this bug.
To killing a high dragon like warriors of legend!
Q What is this? (repeat)
  • [Drink.] - DAIApproval Approves
  • I'm not drinking that. (ends scene)
Here, your turn.
Q What was that Qunari phrase? (repeat)
  • [Drink.] - DAIApproval Approves
  • I'm done drinking. (ends scene)
Ataashi. "The glorious ones." That's our word for them. Ataaaaasheeeeeee.
Q Why are dragons sacred? (repeat)
  • I'm sorry we had to kill it.
  • Now I feel awkward.
  • They're just beasts. - DAIApproval Slightly Disapproves
So they need to be destroyed. Taming the wild. Order out of chaos. Have another drink.
  • [Drink.] - DAIApproval Approves
  • I'm really done. (ends scene)
(Laughs.) Nice! To dragons! (Swallows.)
  • (Romance) To you. - DAIApproval Slightly Approves
  • To good fights. - DAIApproval Slightly Approves
  • To bringing order. - DAIApproval Slightly Approves
  • To bad drinks. - DAIApproval Slightly Approves

Prompted conversation Edit

They've got good form. Edit

Haven only, first attempt to speak to him...

They've got good form. Cullen's putting his templar training to good use.
No approval changes
You've got no leader. No Inquisitor.
  • We've got Cassandra. (ends branch) - DAIApproval Slightly Approves
  • Cullen commands the troops. (ends branch)
  • Leliana is our leader. (ends branch)
  • Do we need one? (ends branch)
  • Perhaps I should lead. - DAIApproval Slightly Approves
You? (Grunts.) Why you?
  • I was chosen by the Maker.
  • I can seal rifts.
  • Someone should. I'm willing. - DAIApproval Slightly Approves

After In Hushed Whispers Edit

  • (Romance) I'll protect you.
  • Tevinter magic goes too far. - DAIApproval Slightly Approves
  • It was incredible. - DAIApproval Slightly Disapproves
  • Weird, right? - DAIApproval Slightly Approves

After Champions of the Just Edit

Getting in your head, messing around... (Grunts.)
  • (Romance) I'll protect you.
  • It was worth the risk.
  • Maybe it never stopped! - DAIApproval Slightly Disapproves
  • We killed it. - DAIApproval Slightly Approves

After Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts Edit

At least under the Qun, you don't get everyone tripping on each other's dicks while the country goes to crap.
  • (Romance) You've got a silver tongue.
  • We need politics.
  • There were mitigating factors.
  • I agree. - DAIApproval Slightly Approves

After What Pride Had Wrought Edit

Just one more big fight to put this magister asshole down for good. I knew you'd get us here, boss.
  • Thanks for your help.
  • This will be hard.
  • I'm ready and eager. - DAIApproval Slightly Approves

After Choosing a Specialization Edit

Got some new tricks, huh? Edit

If a rogue Inquisitor chooses the Tempest specialization

No approval changes

You've been training. Edit

If a warrior Inquisitor chooses the Champion specialization

  • I'm focused on teamwork. - No approval changes
  • I want to be unkillable. - DAIApproval Slightly Approves
  • My offense was fine. - DAIApproval Slightly Approves

Hey good to... Hunh. Edit

If a warrior Inquisitor chooses the Reaver specialization

  • I like inflicting pain. - DAIApproval Slightly Approves
  • I needed more offense. - DAIApproval Slightly Approves
  • (Romance) I did it for you. - No approval changes
  • That's my own business. - No approval changes

[Investigate.] Edit

Tell me of the Ben-Hassrath. Edit

(Codex Unlocked: Qunari: Ben-Hassrath immediately after selecting this branch)

And then you've got the spies.
Q1 Re-educators? (repeat; Codex Unlocked: Ben-Hassrath Re-Educators; adds Q2 & Q3, or only Q4 if Qunari)
Q2 Is it really that easy? (repeat)
Q3 That's revolting. (repeat)
Q4 I've heard rumors. (repeat)
  • Your job is spying. (Codex Unlocked: Seheron)
  • None sound like you. (Codex Unlocked: Seheron)
And in the middle, me, trying to wrangle the rebels and restore order.
No approval changes
One day I woke up and couldn't think of a damned reason to keep doing my job. Turned myself into the reeducators.
No approval changes
That's how I ended up here.
  • (Romance) It means I got to meet you.
  • You've had a hard time.
  • Wow.
  • Interesting story.

Tell me about Qunari OR Let's talk about being Qunari. Edit

Initial dialogue varies depending on the Inquisitor's race.

Qunari Inquisitor only:

You're not Qunari. You're Tal-Vashoth. World of difference. (Codex unlocked: Tal-Vashoth)
  • I'm proud of it.
  • I wish I'd known the Qun. (Codex unlocked: Qunari Tamassrans)
  • I'm still different.
  • My parents weren't savages.
  • The Qun offers no choice.
  • That's a good point.

Human, Elven or Dwarven Inquisitor only:

You writing a book?
  • (Romance) I want to know more about you.
  • They sound interesting.
  • They're a potential threat.

All races:

  • What does "Qunari" mean?
No approval changes
  • (Special) And those who predate the Qun?
No approval changes
  • [Investigate.]
Q1 How is it growing up? (Codex unlocked: Qunari Tamassrans)
  • So no families?
  • You didn't choose your job?
  • You must have been proud. - DAIApproval Slightly Approves
Q2 And if Thedas fell to the Qun?
No approval changes
Q3 How do they govern?
No approval changes
Q4 Do you not marry?
  • (Special) What, really?
  • (Romance) You don't know true passion?
  • I don't know what to say.
  • That's bizarre.
  • Sounds great. - DAIApproval Slightly Approves
Q5 Day-to-day life.
No approval changes

Why the name "Iron Bull?" Edit

No approval changes

Tell me about Seheron. Edit

Available after you ask about the Ben-Hassrath and have 35+ approval.

  • Q Tell me of the Tal-Vashoth. (Codex Unlocked: Tal-Vashoth)
No approval changes from remaining questions

Tell me about your troops. Edit

Skyhold, available after scene with Bull's Chargers

No approval changes

In the Field Edit

  • Whenever a group of Venatori is killed and he is in the active party - DAIApproval Slightly Approves
Note: This doesn't apply to some groups, scripted encounters, that are met during certain quests, e.g. in High Stakes or Under Her Skin.
  • The first time a high dragon is killed with him in the active party - DAIApproval Greatly Approves
  • Whenever a giant is killed with him in the active party (The Stormcoast one doesn't seem to be valid) - DAIApproval Approves
  • Any subsequent time a high dragon is killed with him in the active party - DAIApproval Approves
  • Completing the first and final "In the Saddle" race (Redcliffe Farms) with Iron Bull in the active party - DAIApproval Approves x2
  • Completing "Farmland Security" (Redcliffe Farms) with Iron Bull in the active party - DAIApproval Approves
  • Recruiting Ritts when completing "Strange Bedfellows" in the Hinterlands DAIApproval Approves
  • Killing the group of nugs found near the exit of the Flooded Caves - Deepest Tier in Crestwood with Sera and Iron Bull in the active party - DAIApproval Slightly Disapproves
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