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Iona is a City Elf from the Elven Alienage in Denerim who was elevated to the position of lady-in-waiting by Lady Landra, wife of Bann Loren, for her family's many years of loyal service. Described as being sweet, shy, and demure, she is present at Castle Cousland in Highever with Lady Landra and Dairren in the Human Noble Origin story.


She also has a daughter named Amethyne whom she refers to as "my life" and whose father passed away from a wasting disease two years before. Amethyne has her mother's eyes and it is said by many that she looks a great deal like her mother. Lady Landra's manor isn't large enough to accommodate Amethyne, so she must live at the Denerim alienage where she has the opportunity to learn what it means to be elven.


Iona is first encountered in the stairway to the upper level with Teyrna Eleanor Cousland, Lady Landra and Dairren. If the player character is male, then immediately after she is introduced a drunken Lady Landra will embarrass her by pointing out that she appears to have a crush on the Human Noble. This will present the male character a brief opportunity to flirt with her which the obviously embarrassed Iona will demurely respond to in a sweet, but subtly encouraging manner.

She is available as a potential love interest for both male and female human noble characters. After the end of the first encounter she may be found in the library along with Dairren. Should the player strike up a conversation, several opportunities to compliment or otherwise flirt with her will come up regardless of the Human Noble's gender. If the Human Noble takes advantage of at least two of these (the previous opportunity in the stairway for male characters can count in these), then a dialogue option is available in which you can suggest that the two of them get to know each other better. She will respond by asking the Human Noble what he or she means and the player will then be presented the opportunity to explain. Should the Human Noble invite her to his or her room, she will accept as long as the player has not already propositioned Dairren.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.


Iona's daughter, Amethyne, during the Unrest in the Alienage quest

If the player character sleeps with her, then they will awaken together in the player's bed when there is a disturbance during the middle of the night in the hallway outside the bedroom. She will open the door to investigate and one of Arl Howe's archers will fire an arrow through her chest. She then collapses and dies as the quest Howe Treachery is initiated while the Human Noble is attacked by two of Howe's troops, including the archer who slew her. When the player character encounters Eleanor Cousland they will have the option of telling her of Iona's demise, which will them prompt Eleanor to note that it was Iona's scream that woke her up.

Her daughter Amethyne may be be found in the Denerim Alienage during the Landsmeet segment of the campaign following the rescue of Queen Anora. There is no actual cinematic-scene dialogue, but she can be heard wondering when her mother will return from Highever.


Human Noble Origin Human Noble Origin
Sweet Iona / Sweet Dairren Sweet Iona / Sweet Dairren (conditional)