Investigate the Strange Chalk Markings is a war table mission in Dragon Age: Inquisition.


Complete a non-repeatable war table operation with Leliana.

Operation Text

Excerpts from Rector’s Reports:

-Do you know this sign? A triangle, point down, two wavy lines through it? A lookout spotted it in chalk, on a ruined wall close to one of our outposts.

-A cursory inquiry into the symbol has revealed nothing. Archivists are still looking.

-Argent thinks she saw the symbol, or something very like it, scrawled in a ledger that belonged to the Comtesse de Bayard.

-A sweep was done, as you ordered. Almost every outpost of ours has been marked in this manner. Many believe we are being watched. To what end, we do not know.



Lady Caprina reports having had a wonderful tea with the comtesse and has delivered a transcript of their conversation:

The triangle? Oh, I remember it well. Drawn in my open ledger by a visiting Antivan trader from whom I wished to buy a ship. The deal immediately fell through. I assume I did not react to the triangle in a way he anticipated. As he left, he said to me. “Do not be so eager to ride the waves, Madame. Those across the seas will come soon enough.”


A spy’s report:

Post set up along the Imperial Highway, ostensibly to guard trade routes and facilitate procuring supplies for the Inquisition. Eyes on all approaches.

Fourth Night: A caravan carrying refuges makes camp nearby for protection. After midnight, a young woman on crutches makes small talk with patrol guard. After he passes, she crouches and makes the mark on a tent post.

The woman pretends for half an hour to know nothing. When it becomes clear the ruse will not work, she kisses an Andrastian locket and says, “Glory to those across the seas.” She dies. The locket as poison.


Josephine/Leliana: 30 Influence

Cullen: N/A

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