Invasion is a mosaic collection in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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Pieces of an old Tevinter mosaic are scattered across the Dales. If recovered, they could be reassembled.

Acquisition Edit

Triggers when any mosaic piece from this collection is found.

Walkthrough Edit

The mosaic pieces are found across the Dales in the following locations; the pieces are numbered to match the reference image:

  1. Exalted Plains - at the entrance of the Dead Hand, found on the hand itself.
  2. Exalted Plains - inside the cave at the Dead Hand, on the north side of the main room where the puzzle is located.
  3. Exalted Plains - in the northern section of the Ancient Baths, on a pier over the water.
  4. Exalted Plains - a little walk north of the Path of Flame camp, in a campsite up the middle of the"three-fingered" rocks west of and overlooking the tower at the south end of the Eastern Ramparts.
  5. Exalted Plains - in the final chamber of Unadin Grotto in Var Bellanaris.
  6. Emerald Graves - in the Veridium Mine, found on a partially open crate next to some barrels with lanterns situated on them.
  7. Emerald Graves - inside Villa Maurel, search the personal store room, adjacent to the study. A warrior is required to break the wall to access it.
  8. Emerald Graves - inside Argon's Lodge on a makeshift table with random junk on it, search the room directly to the left of a log pile located in the southeast corner.
  9. Emerald Graves - outside the door at the Din'an Hanin landmark.
  10. Emerald Graves - inside of Din'an Hanin. Main Level, second floor of the Knight's Hall.
  11. Emerald Graves - on a balcony in Chateau d'Onterre. The Inquisitor will need to enter the bedchamber directly opposite the Grand Balcony and accessible from the Library, jump out of the window onto a ledge, and then jump or walk down the top of the nearby building on the right.
  12. Emerald Graves - in Chateau d'Onterre. Found on left-hand wall in the locked room off the Grand Balcony.

Reference Image Edit

Invasion is on the front right wall if you're facing the door out of Skyhold keep.

Invasion numbers

Rewards Edit

  • Collecting each mosaic piece yields:
    • 50 XP
  • Recovering all 12 pieces yields:
    • 200 Influence

Results Edit

  • The completed mosaic can be viewed on the northwest wall of Skyhold's main hall. When facing the door near Gatsi, the mosaic is on the wall 90 degrees to the left.

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