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== Acquisition ==
== Acquisition ==
This skill set is obtainabed automatically after exiting the [[Haven]] during the main [[Quests (Inquisition)|quest]]; [[In Your Heart Shall Burn]].
This skill set is obtained automatically after exiting [[Haven]] during the [[Main quests (Inquisition)|main quest]] [[In Your Heart Shall Burn]].
== Abilities ==
== Abilities ==

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Inquisitor is a multi-class specialization in Dragon Age: Inquisition.


In addition to sealing and controlling rifts, your mark makes you a leader in the eyes of the people, improving your ability to command the party and help allies work together as a team.


This skill set is obtained automatically after exiting Haven during the main quest In Your Heart Shall Burn.


Mark of the Rift Mark of the Rift
Activation: 1 bar of focus minimum.
You have gained Mark of the Rift, a focus based ability.
Mark of the Rift causes massive damage and can even kill some enemies instantly.
Focused Teamwork Focused Teamwork
Requires: Mark of the Rift
Successfully performing an ability combo earns additional focus for the party.
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