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Inquisitor is a multi-class specialization exclusive to The Inquisitor in Dragon Age: Inquisition.


Ability tree[]

Inquisitor ability tree


Mark of the Rift Mark of the Rift
Activation: 1 bar of focus minimum.
You have gained Mark of the Rift, a focus based ability.
Mark of the Rift causes massive damage and can even kill some enemies instantly.
Focused Teamwork Focused Teamwork
Requires: Mark of the Rift
Successfully performing an ability combo earns additional focus for the party.
Aegis of the Rift Aegis of the Rift
Activated You turn the Veil itself into a magical shield that deflects enemy projectiles.
Retributive Strike Retributive Strike
Aegis of the Rift now sends bolts of spirit energy flying back at the attackers.

Damage: 5 per character level
Swift Aegis Swift Aegis
Your expertise at manipulating the Veil lets you summon Aegis of the Rift more easily

Cooldown Time: 60 Seconds
Anchor Discharge Anchor Discharge
Activated The Anchor now steadily accumulates energy, building focus. By using its power carefully, you can slip your entire party briefly between the Fade and the normal world. This discharges the accumulated energy, makes you and nearby allies immune to damage for a short time, and reveals hidden objects in dark areas.
Anchor Blast Anchor Blast
Discharging the Anchor now deals damage to nearby enemies.

Damage: 700% weapon damage
Anchor Meltdown Anchor Meltdown
The Anchor now builds up power even faster. Using it is difficult, but discharges all accumulated focus. If the focus reaches full power, the Anchor discharges uncontrollably, damaging you and your allies as well as nearby enemies.