Infested Storerooms is a quest in the Magi Origin which becomes available after Duncan is escorted to his quarters.

Background Edit

Senior Enchanter Leorah has been testy lately. It turns out she has a spider problem. If you already have a signed request for the rod of fire, Leorah will reward you with some potions. It may be worth helping Leorah out for these and the loot and experience you can gain in the Storage Caves.

Walkthrough Edit

Storage Caves - map

Map of the area

Rewards Edit

Ico codex entry Codex entry: Giant Spider
Ico boots light Fade Striders
Ico amulet Spirit Charm

Result Edit

In return for your assistance, Leorah will either sign your form or give you a small selection of potions. However, you cannot call in the favor in either way until after you have committed to a course of action in the Bound in Blood and Magic quest.

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