Ines the Botanist is a side quest in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening. Outside the Chantry of our Lady Redeemer in the City of Amaranthine, the Warden-Commander will see Wynne. The College of the Magi are convening in Cumberland, and Wynne would like Ines to be present for the convention.

Walkthrough Edit

Prickleweed seeds

Yellow dot is where to find the prickleweed seeds.

As you're traveling through the Wending Wood, be on the lookout for Ines. She is standing at the southeast part of the map, near the pentagonal circle of stone pillars. After talking with her, she says she will not leave the woods until she finds the seeds of the Northern Prickleweed plant.

If you choose to help, you need to find the Northern Prickleweed Seeds. If you head back past the darkspawn camp, towards the Silverite Mine entrance and on the right, you will see what resembles an elfroot plant (see map image). Collect the seeds and return to Ines to complete the quest.

Rewards Edit

You will receive the following:

Rcp ico herbalism 4 Superb Health Poultice Recipe
Rcp ico herbalism 4 Superb Lyrium Potion Recipe
  • 500 XP

Notes Edit

  • When giving the quest, Wynne will identify Ines as having an interest in gardening (rather than botany), then make a show of correcting herself. Ines, in turn will go on about how "little Miss Wynne" is always bossing everybody around and how the Fade is "shining out of her bum", and sarcastically suggests that Wynne's attitude could be one of the reasons why Uldred went mad.
  • If you have the herbalism skill, during conversation with Ines you'll be able to tell her something along the lines of "one of your books had pretty pictures".
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