In the Saddle is a side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

A wealthy young landowner's daughter, Seanna, has built a course for racing horses.

Acquisition Edit

Complete the side quest Master of Horses then speak to Seanna at the stables at Redcliffe Farms. The quest is designed to give the player practice at using their new mount.

Walkthrough Edit

Seanna offers to set up a course to see if you can race through it with your mount within the allotted time. The time starts when you cross the first "gate" (a pair of stakes in the ground) on your mount.

The gates are usually within sight of each other, so the Inquisitor should be able to follow the path easily. The next gate is also shown on the mini-map with a flag icon and there are blue flames burning beside each one.

All courses follow a path back to the starting gate at the stables. After each trial the Inquisitor should speak to Seanna. If the course was completed in time, she will set up the next course; otherwise she'll just mention the stakes are still up and the Inquisitor can try again.

There are three courses Seanna sets up, each longer than the previous one. Completing the final race within the allotted time completes the quest.

Rewards Edit

  • 0000000285
    285 Currency (Inquisition)

Approval Edit

For completing the first race
DAIApproval Iron Bull Approves
For completing the quest
DAIApproval Iron Bull Approves

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