The Imperium ring set is an item set in Dragon Age: Origins.

Background[edit | edit source]

Archon Darinius of Tevinter journeyed deep into the lightless realm of dwarves and there forged a covenant with Endrin Stonehammer, lord of the dwarven empire. As a symbol of their pact, Endrin gave the archon a pair of rings-one that shone like the evening star, and one as luminous as the dawn. So long as the rings were united, Darinius need fear nothing, for the friendship of the dwarves is a mighty sword and shield. The archon wore the rings of Dawn and Dusk for 20 years, never removing them, and when he died, they were cut from his fingers by magisters squabbling over his vacant throne, then separated, and finally lost.
—From Codex entry: Archons of the Imperium

Details[edit | edit source]

Name Enhancements Acquisition
Dawn Ring +4 strength
-1 cunning
Dawn is given as thanks by Shianni in the Elven Alienage in Denerim during The Final Battle. It is also a starting item on Justice.
Dusk Ring +3 cunning
-1 strength
Dusk Ring is dropped by the Greater shade guarding the abandoned campsite in the West Brecilian Forest near The Grand Oak's clearing. It is also a starting item on Nathaniel Howe.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The set bonus will also activate if a character is equipped with two Dusk Rings.
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