The Imperial Highway is an internationally-spanning road made of stone and magic by the Tevinter Imperium during the Ancient Age in order to connect the distant lands of its vast empire.

Background Edit

The Highway is commonly considered as an ancient architectural wonder. Constructed from stone quarried by slaves in Kirkwall, this elevated road runs from Minrathous to the southwestern Imperium and then turning south to Nevarra and crosses the Silent Plains and the Minanter River, until it reaches the city of Cumberland lying next to the Waking Sea. Then it turns west to Orlais with one branch leading to Andoral's Reach and another going through the Heartlands of Orlais. Then the highway turns east to Ferelden after passing through the Frostback Mountains and above Orzammar via Gherlen's Pass. In Ferelden it circles Lake Calenhad and the Bannorn with one branch ending in Denerim and the other at Ostagar which is also its southmost point.[1] The extension of the Highway into Ferelden valley was backed by the Krayvan family, a move that would cost them considerable political influence after the resistance of the Alamarri tribes.[2]

Imperial Highway - DAII

The Imperial Highway in Dragon Age II.

According to the dwarves, this construction required the use of magic.[3] The intended project was never finished, and many sections have fallen into disrepair over the centuries. Nevertheless, it remains useful to many travelers and merchants who are looking for a safe and quick road.

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