Imbued Tusket is a variation of a regular Tusket. It only appears in "Swamp Kuldsdotten" in the Frostback Basin.
Note: Requires Jaws of Hakkon DLC.

Background Edit

Tuskets by nature are gentle and non-aggressive creatures, characterised by their short tusks and sturdy front feet. Imbued tuskets differ from their more common cousins in a few different ways: The colour of their hide is pink, rather than grey; they are hardier, with more HP; and they are much faster, making them more difficult to kill.

Information Edit

  • Armor: 130
  • Immunity: Asleep
  • Immunity: Fear
  • Immunity: Frozen
  • Immunity: Paralyzed
  • Immunity: Panicked
  • Immunity: Slowed
  • Immunity: Chilled
  • Immunity: Confused
  • Immunity: Stunned

Loot Edit

Ico ImbuedTusket Imbued Tusket Hide

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Notes Edit

The area that the imbued tuskets are found in are also inhabited by randomly spawning Hakkonite enemies.

If you're having problem finding one try standing as south of the cave as you can in the swamp while still in water, where the map seems to have the deepest water, stand to the left in the water on the map. (You should have an animal carcass just behind you while facing south, a fallen tree with thorns to your left and on the map and have two big treeroots in a line almost infront of you.) Kill everything that comes up near you and then return to your place.

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