Dalish crafting is second to none, I assure you.

Ilen is a Dalish Elf who works as craftsman and merchant of the Sabrae Clan.

Involvement Edit

Dragon Age: Origins Edit

  • If spoken to at the Dalish Camp Master Ilen will speak of the battles between the Dalish and the Clayne.
  • As well as buying and selling items, he can also be persuaded to part with a bow of his own making for free.

Dragon Age II Edit

Master Ilen relocates to Sundermount with the rest of the clan. The clan is close to Kirkwall, meaning travelers come through often. Because of this, Ilen has continued his role as a trader for outsiders who pass through.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

During the quest, A New Path, if Hawke does not accept responsibility for Merrill's actions, the party will be forced to kill the Dalish hunting party, as well as Master Ilen along with the rest at the camp.

Quests Edit

Inventory Edit

Dragon Age: Origins Edit

Name Price
Acid Flask
Ico acid flask Acid Flask
25DAO silverpiece trans 57DAO bronzepiece trans
Lesser Health Poultice
Ico lesser healing salve Lesser Health Poultice (x3)
1DAO silverpiece trans 10DAO bronzepiece trans
Lesser Injury Kit
Ico minor injury kit Lesser Injury Kit (x3)
18DAO silverpiece trans 15DAO bronzepiece trans
Ico venom Venom
1DAO silverpiece trans 65DAO bronzepiece trans
Deathroot Extract
Ico deathroot extract Deathroot Extract
1DAO silverpiece trans 65DAO bronzepiece trans
Lesser Nature Salve
Ico lesser nature salve Lesser Nature Salve
50DAO silverpiece trans 32DAO bronzepiece trans
Spring Trap
Ico spring trap Spring Trap (x2)
1DAO silverpiece trans 65DAO bronzepiece trans
Small Caltrop Trap
Ico small caltrop trap Small Caltrop Trap
82DAO bronzepiece trans
Swift Salve
Ico swift salve Swift Salve
46DAO silverpiece trans 20DAO bronzepiece trans
Trap Trigger
Rgt ico traptrig Trap Trigger (x3)
2DAO silverpiece trans 20DAO bronzepiece trans
Rgt ico flask Flask (x5)
1DAO silverpiece trans 10DAO bronzepiece trans
Toxin Extract
Rgt ico venom Toxin Extract (x2)
1DAO silverpiece trans 10DAO bronzepiece trans
Deathroot (Origins)
Rgt ico deathroot Deathroot (x2)
1DAO silverpiece trans 10DAO bronzepiece trans
Metal Shard
Rgt ico metalshard Metal Shard (x2)
1DAO silverpiece trans 10DAO bronzepiece trans
Elfroot (Origins)
Rgt ico elfroot Elfroot (x4)
55DAO bronzepiece trans
Ico axe Dal'Thanu
6DAO silverpiece trans 60DAO bronzepiece trans
Ico dagger Dar'Misu
11DAO silverpiece trans 0DAO bronzepiece trans
Ico longsword Dar'Misaan
18DAO silverpiece trans 70DAO bronzepiece trans
Scout's Bow
Ico shortbow Scout's Bow
20DAO silverpiece trans 90DAO bronzepiece trans
Dalish Longbow
Ico longbow Dalish Longbow
13DAO silverpiece trans 56DAO bronzepiece trans
Elf-Flight Arrow
Ico quiver Elf-Flight Arrow (x20)
47DAO silverpiece trans 19DAO bronzepiece trans
Leather Helm
Ico helm light Leather Helm
8DAO silverpiece trans 80DAO bronzepiece trans
Dalish Gloves
Tre ico dalish deerhide Dalish Gloves
7DAO silverpiece trans 70DAO bronzepiece trans
Dalish Boots
Ico boots light Dalish Boots
8DAO silverpiece trans 80DAO bronzepiece trans
Dalish Armor
Ico armor light Dalish Armor
22DAO silverpiece trans 0DAO bronzepiece trans
Clan Shield
Ico shield smallroundwood Clan Shield
13DAO silverpiece trans 20DAO bronzepiece trans

Dragon Age II Edit

Main article: Master Ilen's Shop

Quotes Edit

Dragon Age II Edit

  • "This path has been of your own choosing, Merrill. A path that has saddened the clan greatly."

Dialogue Edit

  • Ilen: "Hahren Paivel. How does the day find you?"
  • Paivel: "I'm an old man, Master Ilen. I have an old man's troubles. How are this lot doing?"
  • Ilen: "They'll learn woodshaping. I may have to crack their skulls to get the knowledge inside, but they'll learn."
  • Apprentice: "Oh, that's reassuring."

Trivia Edit

  • As is made obvious by his asking after him, he is known to Master Varathorn, the craftsman of Zathrian's clan.
  • An overheard conversation in Act 3 suggests that Ilen is unhappy his clan is still at Sundermount and plans to leave soon with his apprentices, with or without the rest of the clan.

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