My mam used to say they don't got no stone to protect them topside. If I go up there, I'm a-gonna fall into the sky.

Idle Dwarf is a casteless dwarf and resident of Dust Town. His father left for the surface.

Involvement Edit

He can be found loitering in front of Alimar's Emporium. If the Warden has a high (52+ care) approval rating or initiated a romance with Leliana and converses with her in Orzammar, she will express her interest to have a nug as a pet. Afterwards the Warden can speak with the Idle Dwarf and task him to capture a nug on behalf of him. He will say that the ones found in the Deep Roads are healthier because they eat better food. Once accepted, the Idle Dwarf will disappear. After the Warden enters a building or returns to the Commons, the Idle Dwarf will be back to his position along with a Cute Nug. The Warden can choose to pay him 40DAO silverpiece trans, 20DAO silverpiece trans, 10DAO silverpiece trans, 5DAO silverpiece trans or threaten him and pay nothing at all for this service. His responses will vary depending on his reward. In any case, he will then run away.

Notes Edit

  • Conversing with the Idle Dwarf about nugs activates Codex entry: Nug, if it was not already gained from elsewhere.
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