Ice Dragon Bone is a crafting material in Dragon Age: Inquisition - Jaws of Hakkon.

Acquisition Edit

Looting exploit Edit

xbox360Icon xbox360xboxoneXbox one iconps3Icon ps3ps4Icon ps4On consoles, Ice dragon bone can be farmed by using a variation of the chest exploit.

  1. Go to the dragon skull in Frostback Basin.
  2. Move down so you are looting the ice dragon bone and not the loot all option.
  3. Press the Loot and Cancel button (X + O for PS / A + B for Xbox / F + Esc for PC) at the same time. The ice dragon bone will then be looted, but the game won't tell you. Look in your inventory to make sure that the bones were looted.
  4. Do not loot again if successful and option to loot is available. Do not save the game, as loading that save will empty the container.
  5. Use the World Map to travel to another location then come back and repeat.

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