Hyenas are predatory mammals that thrive in the harsh deserts of western Orlais. They are canine in appearance, with a coat pattern of brown, yellow, and white.

Background Edit

The common hyena is a remarkable predator, flourishing in the harshest of conditions. Packs working in concert have sometimes taken down prey as formidable as a great bear. It's an incredible sight, but you should keep your distance because one of those beauties took down my bronto in under a minute. —From The Wilds of Thedas: Volume Two by Stephan d'Eroin
—From Codex entry: Hyena

Abilities Edit

  • Perceptive

Locations Edit

Forbidden Oasis icon (Inquisition) Forbidden Oasis
Western Approach icon (Inquisition) Western Approach

Loot Edit

Creature research icon Hyena Teeth
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