Horrors are pieces, slivers of greater crimes. I am pride with reason. I enslave the whims and wyrds, the dreams from the other side of the Veil. Face me! Face everything!

Hybris is an ancient personification of pride, naturally making him a pride demon.


He can be found by completing The Awiergan Scrolls: First Aspect, The Awiergan Scrolls: Second Aspect and The Awiergan Scrolls: Third Aspect, and then starting The Awiergan Scrolls: Pride Unbound by entering the Hidden Dungeon on the northeastern side of Darktown, directly south of Anders' clinic.


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Trivia Edit

  • The achievement "Demon Slayer" requires the player to find and kill Hybris.
  • Hybris, from the Ancient Greek ὕβρις (commonly anglicised as hubris), refers to "insolent pride" or arrogance. It was often portrayed in myths where people would boast of their skills surpassing even those of the gods. Such people were usually met with retribution.


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