A Hurlock omega is a very strong hurlock emissary, one of few Boss-ranked hurlocks.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

The Warden and their companions are ambushed by a group of hurlocks led by a hurlock omega while they are traveling across Ferelden. The hurlock omega almost kills the Warden's party, but thanks to Wynne's spirit ally, the Warden's party is able to recover and counterattack, eventually killing the hurlock omega and its forces.

Skills Edit

Spell-Fireball icon Fireball
Spell-ChainLightning icon Chain Lightning
Spell-DrainLife icon Drain Life
Spell-Weakness icon Weakness
Spell-CurseOfMortality icon Curse of Mortality

Strategy Edit

As with other strong mages, knock him down, stun him, and get it down before taking down the warriors around him. Furthermore, Mana Clash does very high damage, although there is also a fair chance of it being resisted.

It is vital to spread out, as his Fireball and Chain Lightning spells are extremely powerful. On higher difficulties, the boss tends to cast one at the start of battle before you can spread out; it can easily kill your mages and rogues before they can get back on their feet to heal.

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