An enthralled hurlock emissary is one of the possible party members in The Darkspawn Chronicles DLC.

Spells[edit | edit source]

Arcane Bolt Arcane Bolt

Flame Blast Flame Blast

Flaming Weapons Flaming Weapons

Fireball Fireball

Rock Armor Rock Armor

Stonefist Stonefist

Winter's Grasp Winter's Grasp

Frost Weapons Frost Weapons

Cone of Cold Cone of Cold

Heal Heal

Walking Bomb Walking Bomb

Death Syphon Death Syphon

Mind Blast Mind Blast

Drain Life Drain Life

Plot skills[edit | edit source]

Note: Unlike the main game, the approval bonuses in The Darkspawn Chronicles are cumulative.
Skill Name Benefit Requirement
Inspired: Major Magic +3 to Cunning* 25% approval
Inspired: Massive Magic +4 to Cunning* 50% approval
Inspired: Massive Willpower +4 to Willpower 75% approval
Inspired: Massive Constitution +4 to Constitution 90% approval
Bug icon.png Bug! Major Magic and Massive Magic are bugged and give Cunning instead.

Initial Equipment[edit | edit source]

Darkspawn Plate Armor Darkspawn Plate Armor

Darkspawn Plate Boots Darkspawn Plate Boots

Darkspawn Staff Darkspawn Staff

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