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For the Darkspawn Chronicles companion, see Hurlock archer (thrall).

Hurlock archer is a common type of hurlock who primarily attacks with a bow.


Just as the darkspawn rudimentary intelligence allow them to field mages and swordsmen, they also produce archers who attack from afar. These hurlocks provide support fire with ranged weapons and are capable of utilizing longbows, shortbows or crossbows. Hurlock archers can be deadly depending on their talents. When encountered among groups that contain neither Genlock emissaries, Hurlock emissaries nor Ogres, target the archers first. This will leave the darkspawn without any capacity for long range attacks.

Abilities & Skills[]

Melee Archer Melee Archer
Pinning Shot Pinning Shot
Scattershot Scattershot


Ancient darkspawn
Hurlock alpha
Hurlock Battle mage
Hurlock berserker
Hurlock bolter
Hurlock Dragon-Tamer
Hurlock emissary
Hurlock general
Hurlock grunt
Hurlock omega
Hurlock vanguard

Codex entries[]

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