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Hurlock Dragon-Tamer is a hurlock responsible for training dragons for the Architect. It can be found in the Silverite Mine, near the dragon pens.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

While in the Silverite Mine, a darkspawn company captures a Grey Warden named Keenan. They bring him before the Dragon-Tamer who then brakes his legs and takes his wedding ring. The Warden-Commander will encounter Keenan just prior to him succumbing to his wounds, and will request that the Warden confront the hurlock and retrieve his ring and humbly return it to Nida, his wife, at the Crown and Lion.


Last Wishes Last Wishes


Silverite Mine Silverite Mine

Notable loot[]

Leg-Crusher Leg-Crusher
Keenan's Wedding Ring Keenan's Wedding Ring
Heavy Chainmail Heavy Chainmail (rare)


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