For all variations of hurlocks, see Hurlock.

Among their ranks, hurlocks are differentiated by their abilities. The most basic hurlocks are the most common, and serve as medium infantry.

Dragon Age: Origins Edit

Strategy Edit

While often paired with genlocks, these darkspawn are much more of a threat. Not only do they tower above their brethren, but their strength and constitution are also much higher. While a genlock may be felled with two or three strikes, these hurlocks are a much greater force to be reckoned with, as many battle worn warriors have been battered and broken by only one.

Skills Edit

Talent wns assault Assault
Talent-Berserk icon Berserk
Talent wns shieldbash Shield Bash

Dragon Age II Edit


Hurlock concept art for Dragon Age II

Strategy Edit

In Dragon Age II, hurlocks have undergone a significant cosmetic change, with much more humanoid facial traits rather than the monstrous features of Origins, and have far paler skin. They first appear in the Blightlands and are initially relatively minor enemies. Armed with a single sword and lightly armored, hurlocks will quickly succumb to any persistent attack. Hurlocks charge in small groups, occasionally in concert with Hurlock Grunts and Hurlock Bolters.

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