(Types of hurlocks)
(Types of hurlocks)
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** Hurlock Battle mage
** Hurlock Battle mage
** [[Hurlock omega]]
** [[Hurlock omega]]
* [[Disciples]]
* [[The Disciples]]
== Gallery ==
== Gallery ==

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See Hurlock for the most common variant of Hurlock.

Hurlocks are taller and more muscular than genlocks and often form the strongest part of darkspawn armies. They are known to excel at using two-handed weapons. Hurlock alphas are among the best of the best of the darkspawn shock troops, and are particularly fierce in close combat. A single berserking hurlock can often be a match for numerous opponents at once. They are known to adorn themselves with roughly-carved tattoos to keep track of their kills and deeds, though it is unknown whether or not there is a uniform standard to these markings.

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Dragon Age: Origins.

Hurlocks are born from broodmothers who were once female humans.

Types of hurlocks

Among their ranks, hurlocks are differentiated by their abilities. The most basic hurlocks are the most common, and serve as heavy infantry. The next iteration is the hurlock alpha, which have slightly more hit points and a higher Strength statistic, as well as some group-effect skills, such as Rally. The next iteration is the hurlock emissary, which is a magic-wielding Alpha Hurlock. The next form is the hurlock omega, which combines the abilities of all three lower forms into a single, dangerous form. The toughest form of all Hurlocks yet encountered is the ancient darkspawn; this is a very old Hurlock who has donned incredibly durable armor and has hit points rivalling the equivalent level of drake, if not higher, and can easily destroy an entire party with minimal backup. So far, they have only been seen in the Dead Trenches.


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