Hunting Grounds - West is the western half of the grounds of Duke Prosper's Free Marches estate, Chateau Haine. It is here that the Duke conducts his annual Wyvern hunts, attracting many Orlesian nobles hoping to climb higher in the Grand Game. Like the rest of the grounds, the western hunting grounds have several Ghast nests just below the surface in addition to a small group of Dragons nesting on the northern slope. These grounds were also once home to an ancient Avvar cult, which venerated 'The Lady of the Sky' to the exclusion of all their other deities.

Quests Edit

Quest icon DA2 Heart of the Many
Quest icon DA2 The Cult of the Sky
Quest icon DA2 The Master's Salve
Quest icon DA2 Baiting a Wyvern
Quest icon DA2 The Lost Hounds
Hunting Grounds - West map

Map of the area

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Codex entries Edit

Codex icon DA2 Codex entry: Ghast
Codex icon DA2 Codex entry: Notes on the Avvar Sky Cult
Codex icon DA2 Codex entry: The Cult of the Sky
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