The Hunterhorn Mountains stretch across western Thedas. They form the largest mountain range and hold some of the continent's tallest peaks, including its highest; Mt. Ambrosia.[1]

Background Edit

In the southern reaches of this massive mountain range, within Orlais, lie the Gamordan Peaks, which surround from one side the Western Approach.[1] This desert is marked by a great chasm called the Abyssal Reach, and on its edge stands the Adamant Fortress once belonged to Grey Wardens. This is also the site of a major battle during the Second Blight.[2]

Hunterhorn Mountains then expand north with the Tirashan forest on their east. Then the mountain range splits off to several ranges which enter Anderfels. Beneath one of them, to the east, is located the great thaig of Kal-Sharok, once capital of the dwarven empire.

The griffons were native to the northern reaches of the Hunterhorn Mountains before their extinction during the Exalted Age. The northeast point of the mountain range ends to the city of Laysh which lies next to the Volca Sea.

References Edit

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