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Hubert is a merchant working in Kirkwall and the foreman of the Bone Pit mining site. He sells items at Hubert's Fine Goods in Hightown.


Hubert appears to be from Orlais. Not much else is known about his past other than he has claimed to have sold a seat cushion to Empress Celene.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

Hubert is involved in the quest the Bone Pit. A letter arrives at Hawke's home from Meeran or Athenril and directs them to speak to a merchant named Hubert. Upon speaking to Hubert, he will send Hawke to go and clear out the Bone Pit mining site. Hawke arrives only to find the place infested with dragonlings and dragons. After clearing out the mine and killing a mature dragon, Hawke must return to Hubert and tell him the news. When Hubert hears that it was dragons that Hawke had to deal with, he offers Hawke a 50/50 ownership of the Bone Pit and asks that Hawke protects it in the future.

Accepting Hubert's deal will trigger the quest Get Back to Work.

In 9:34 Dragon, Hubert deduces that the mining operation has been the victim of an Inside Job. After some of his cargo is stolen, Hubert discovers that an employee named Sabin has betrayed him and asks Hawke to interrogate him as he claims to be from Hawke's home village. Sabin claims that he was only looking out for his family and that he is sorry. Hubert enlists the help of a Coterie member, Lilley. From there, Hawke can decide what to do with Sabin, either convincing Hubert to free him, allowing Lilley to kill him (which Hubert wishes for), or sending him to jail. After dealing with Sabin, Hawke must then go to Darktown and meet up with Lilley. Unfortunately, Hawke finds her dead and must go on to kill another Coterie member, Brekker, who is responsible for stealing Hubert's cargo.

Finally in 9:37 Dragon, Hubert once again asks Hawke to investigate the Bone Pit after a caravan was completely destroyed, with all killed save for a single horse. Hawke's investigation into the Mine Massacre, leads Hawke to discover that a high dragon has made a nest in the Bone Pit, and drives it out. Once Hubert is notified, Hubert will say that he is ruined, caring only for his lost equipment. He will then inform Hawke that he is focusing on his mercantile ventures. Hawke has the option to ask Hubert to give them complete ownership of the mine as payment so that they may rebuild it someday.


The Bone Pit The Bone Pit
Get Back to Work Get Back to Work
Inside Job Inside Job
Mine Massacre Mine Massacre

Note texts[]

The Bone Pit The Bone Pit
Inside Job Inside Job


  • In cut content from Dragon Age II there is audio for an alternate version of Hubert's final quest in which he knew about the likelihood of an attack on the Bone Pit but neglected to evacuate the miners.
  • Some prostitutes at the Blooming Rose will discuss Hubert's requests to rub his feet, and the stench of his feet that makes them refuse his request.