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For the Dog talent, see Dread Howl.
For the Ranger ability, see Howl (ability).

Howl is a monster ability in Dragon Age: Origins.


  • Attack Bonus: +5
  • Defense Penalty: -5
  • Radius: 5m
  • Duration: 10s


  • Damage: 3 * [Witherfang's level]
  • Damage Type: Physical
  • Effect: Knockdown

or if passed physical resistance check;

  • Damage: 3 * [Witherfang's level] / 2
  • Damage Type: Physical

Used by[]


  • Other Names for this ability are Canine Howl and Mabari Howl.
  • This ability is similar to Dog's Growl (and not to be confused with Dread Howl); also similar to the Ranger's summoned wolf's ability, Howl.
  • According to the code for this ability, it is also supposed to incur -5 defense on enemies within 5m unless they pass a mental resistance check, but the duration of this effect is not set so it defaults to 0. It might have been that this effect was intended at first but was changed to the attack bonus on self instead.