1. Head to the Hanged Man and talk to the drunked Templar next to the bar, immediately on your left as you walk in through the door, proceeding with the appropriate dialogue options. Once complete, the templar will leave with the intention of reporting your erranous claims.

2. Head to the Gallows. On the right as you head in will be the harbourmaster assistant. In the stall behind him is a scroll. Interact with this scroll and scribble down the templars name. Once this is done, take the scroll to the dockworker accross the courtyard. After having spoken to him, the quest should now be complete.

3. Head to the Docks. Speak to Mistress Selby for a reward.

Sidenote: The quest text speaks of the possibility of planting evidence in Lowtown. However after a complete sweep during both the night and day, I was unable to find anything to do with the quest. However after doing the two other tasks, I was able to move complete it anyway.



750 xp
1 Gold

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