The House of Repose, also known as the Assassins' League, is an Orlesian assassins guild working exclusively for the Orlesian nobility.

Background[edit | edit source]

Little is known of the League, other than it has been operating in Orlais since at least the Blessed Age. To the House of Repose, a contract means everything, and voiding one is not something they'd consider.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

During the Blessed Age, two young members of the noble Orlesian family of Du Paraquettes and the Antivan noble family of Montilyets fall in love, despite their families' disapproval. Their continued relationship nearly destroys both families, and eventually by 8:35 Blessed, the Du Paraquettes hire the House of Repose assassins in order to drive the Montilyets out of Val Royeaux and Orlais. The League succeeded, as the Montilyets did not set their foot back in Orlais until 9:41 Dragon, when Josephine Montilyet, the family heir and Inquisition ambassador, attempted to bring her family back.

The assassins have intercepted Josephine's couriers, killed them, and destroyed the documents Josephine gave them to restart her family's presence in the Empire. Whilst investigating the killers, Josephine learns of an Orlesian noble by the name of Comte Boisvert who has information for her.

The fake Comte

However, the Comte request that the Inquisitor attends their meeting with him as a move in the Game. Upon arriving at the Boisvert Mansion, it quickly becomes clear that the man they have their meeting with is not the Comte, but a House of Repose assassin impersonating him. He explains that the real Comte did learn surprisingly much of the secretive League, and that he has not hurt him, but rather locked him in his own wardrobe. He goes on to explain that he made an exception for Josephine to meet her and explain because of the unusual nature of the contract, as it was signed over a 100 years earlier by a noble family who are noble no longer.

If the Inquisitor lets the assassin go:
The assassin asks the Inquisitor to leave their meeting without shedding blood, and the Inquisitor agreed.

If the Inquisitor does not let the assassin go:
The assassin asks the Inquisitor to leave their meeting without shedding blood, but the Inquisitor wasn't willing to let him live. The assassin will enter subterfuge, and reappear behind the Inquisitor next to two other assassins, and has to be killed.

After the meeting Josephine will search the room and will discover the real Comte locked in the wardrobe, alive - just like the assassin said he was.

Back at Skyhold, Josephine hatches a plan that would let her utilise a loophole: she will return the Du Paraquette's status as nobility through a series of complicated operations, and then get them to withdraw the contract on her family. However, Leliana has a more straightforward plan: break into the League's headquarters and steal the contract.

The failed assassination

However the League is dealt with, they leave Josephine and the Inquisition alone, but if the Inquisitor chooses to support Josephine's way, the assassins will keep trying to complete the contract on her, eventually infiltrating Skyhold, posing as Inquisition soldiers, only to be stopped within reach of Josephine by Leliana's guards shadowing Josephine.

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