House Vollney is a minor noble house of Orzammar.

Background[edit | edit source]

The House has been founded within the last 500 years.[2] Despite its low position within the Noble caste, House Vollney is represented in the Assembly by a deshyr since the house's ancestor is a Paragon.

Known members[edit | edit source]

  • Paragon Vollney: He is known for becoming a Paragon by the narrowest margin in the history of the dwarves; one single vote, tainted with allegations of corruption and bribery. These events are also recorded in the Memories.[3]
  • Lord Darvianak Vollney: He is a four time Grand Proving champion, having fought to clear his name which was implicated in his brother's murder.
  • Lord Sardirak Vollney: The deshyr of House Vollney during 9:41 Dragon. He sends a letter to Lord Vollney informing him of the balance of power in the Assembly in regards to Bianca Davri's nomination for Paragon.[1]
  • Bruntin Vollney: A low ranked member of House Vollney who wants to kill Scholar Gertek because he wrote, according to Bruntin, slanders for his Paragon status.
  • Varlan Vollney: For unknown reasons he joins the Legion of the Dead and becomes a close friend of Sigrun. He dies during the Legion's assault on Kal'Hirol in 9:31 Dragon.[5] Sigrun takes his gold ring with the crest of House Vollney on it and keeps it as a reminder of her lost friend.[6]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If Bruntin eventually kills Gertek, according to Gorim, several major noble Houses such as House Meino will crush House Vollney as Gertek had their patronage.
  • The unnamed "Lord Vollney" could be Lord Darvianak Vollney, but that is currently unknown.

References[edit | edit source]

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