House Ortan is a noble house which was founded by Paragon Ortan and was based out in Ortan Thaig.

Background Edit

A prominent member of House Ortan was Caridin, who created many things during his time and eventually rose up to Paragon status for creating the Anvil of the Void; he thus left House Ortan to found his own house. The house was formally declared extinct four hundred years ago during the Fourth Blight[1], when the Ortan Thaig fell to the darkspawn.

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Dragon Age: Origins.

However, Orta is a surviving member of House Ortan, although she requires evidence to prove she is a true descendant.

If the Warden helps Orta during the Lost to the Memories quest and finds and gives back to her the Ortan Records, her noble house is re-established.

Known members Edit

  • Kelana Ortan: A warrior of House Ortan, she was training in Orzammar when Ortan Thaig fell.[3]
  • Orta: A descendant of Kelana who tries to prove her noble ancestry by searching for records in the Shaperate.

Notes Edit

  • If Paragon Caridin creates the crown for Orzammar's next king as part of A Paragon of Her Kind quest, he uses the ancient seal of House Ortan on the crown instead of the seal of his own house. See here.

References Edit

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