House Ivo is one of the dwarven noble houses of Orzammar.

Background Edit

House Ivo exists at least since the Blessed Age[1] and is described as "relatively inconsequential" by Gorim Saelac. Since it was founded by a Paragon, the house is allowed to be represented by a deshyr in the Assembly. Some of the house's members, like brothers Wojech and Frandlin, are taking bold steps to boost their house's power and influence, such as competing in the Provings, participating in Deep Roads military expeditions, and making backroom political alliances.

Warriors of House Ivo once struck down a mad surfacer mage who began attacking lyrium miners near Orzammar.[1]

During the events of the Fifth Blight, they have allied with Prince Bhelen Aeducan.

Known members Edit

  • Paragon Ivo[2]: A Paragon and founder of this house.
  • Lord Ivo: The father of Wojech and Frandlin, he is mentioned by the Proving Master.
  • Wojech Ivo: He is Frandlin's older brother. A master-at-arms that competes in the Provings honoring the memory of King Endrin Aeducan in the name of his political ally, Bhelen Aeducan.
  • Frandlin Ivo: He is Wojech's younger brother. He participates in the Provings honoring the first military commission of king Endrin's second child and can be fought in the last round. Furthermore, he is also a temporary companion during A Noble Expedition. He is the left hand of Prince Bhelen and expected to take full command of his house soon.
  • Loilinar Ivo: A warrior who is encountered arguing with Oghren in the entrance of the Diamond Quarter.
  • Evka Ivo: A veteran Grey Warden.[3]

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