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House Helmi is a major noble house of Orzammar.


During the events of the Fifth Blight, House Helmi seems to be one of the more influential houses of Orzammar, as evidenced by both Lord Pyral Harrowmont's and Prince Bhelen Aeducan's need for House Helmi's vote in the Assembly as well as written in Trian Aeducan's journal.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

House Helmi later spearheads the dwarven effort to clear Kal'Hirol and the Deep Roads connecting it to Orzammar and clearing it of darkspawn, reclaiming the ancient thaig for the dwarves once and for all. [1]

At 9:41 Dragon the House is trying to mount an expedition to Amgarrak Thaig however their attempts are halted and opposed by House Dace.[2]

Known members[]

  • Branimir Helmi[3]
  • Faruma Helmi – an explorer and member the house; she found a text on a wall in the lost Revann Thaig in 5:10 Exalted
  • Lady Helmi – House Helmi's apparent matriarch; she personally represents her house during the Dwarf Noble's presentation to the nobility of Orzammar
  • Lord Denek Helmi – son of Lady Helmi, he serves as the youngest deshyr in the Assembly in 9:30 Dragon by representing House Helmi's interests; Denek has very liberal, forward-thinking ideas about the dwarven caste system which has earned him the ire of many other nobles, including his mother
  • Elman Helmi – a member of House Helmi whose daughter is mentioned by a noble in the Diamond Quarter before the throne of Orzammar is settled[4]
  • Damira Helmi – a member of House Helmi; she owns a ruby-encrusted purse which Sigrun tried to steal from her pocket, she however failed and the guards caught her in the Commons after a long chase[5]
  • Adal Helmi – she fights in the Provings honoring the Dwarf Noble's first military commission and serves as an opponent should the Dwarf Noble decide to participate in them as well; Adal is later found loitering in the Diamond Quarter during the main plotline
  • Nerav Helmi – sister of Jaylia;[6] she is first found in the Commons and later in the Diamond Quarter, she can provide the Warden with information about the contenders for the throne of Orzammar; she is an ardent supporter of Lord Harrowmont and is not afraid to inform anyone near her of this
  • Jaylia Helmi – sister of Nerav;[6] she was the intended bride of Trian Aeducan upon his ascent to the throne of Orzammar[7]
  • Dusana Helmi – her status with the house is unclear; she is mentioned as a surface dwarf and a member of the Merchants' Guild; it is unknown why she left Orzammar and what her relationship is with her former house; she is known for having been "fixed up" with Varric Tethras on a date;[8] Varric mentions that she attempted to kill him on five separate occasions in one year and again after dinner during their date; she is mentioned as being "one of the Helmi daughters", though the identities of her sisters are unknown;[9] Varric retains a healthy fear of encountering her

Codex entries[]

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See also[]

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