House Gavorn is a minor noble house in Orzammar.

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This house came to be when a member of House Forender married down to a warrior caste dwarf. However her brother died leaving her father heirless, so in order for the lineage to continue, the Assembly allowed her father to adopt her children as heirs while also granting them a new family name.[1]

During the events of the Fifth Blight, House Gavorn is being favored by Prince Bhelen Aeducan. Vartag Gavorn's son was fostered with the Aeducans while Rica Brosca's son, Endrin, is promised to spend a year with the Gavorns in exchange.[2] Several members of this house are also fighting in the name of Prince Bhelen in the Provings which are dedicated to the memory of King Endrin Aeducan.[3]

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  3. Mentioned by Dulin Forender after acquiring A Lord's Trust: The First Task.
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