House Bemot is a major dwarven house and part of the noble caste.

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As with several dwarven houses, House Bemot came into being when its founding member was made a Paragon. Bemot was a commoner who became both paragon and king in one vote from the Assembly.[1] He ruled Orzammar during the Fourth Blight and disbanded the Assembly for two years, establishing the precedent that the warrior caste answers directly to the king in times of war.[2]

During the events of the Fifth Blight, the heir of the deshyr of House Bemot is married to Revelka Aeducan, a member of the House Aeducan. However Revelka is at the same time a secret lover of the Proving fighter Baizyl Harrowmont.

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Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

The Carta once stole a gold statuette which was depicting Paragon Bemot.[3] Carta's leader, Beraht, who sought to hide this statuette somewhere, blackmailed Sigrun into hiding the statuette in Mischa's shop. Eventually when the statuette was found, Mischa was exiled to the surface however according to her House Bemot could have had her executed for her perceived crime if they wanted.

Known members Edit

  • Paragon Bemot: Founder of House Bemot. He became a Paragon and King of Orzammar in a single move from the Assembly during the Fourth Blight, sixteen generations ago. The Ancient Treaties were also signed in his reign.[4] His statue can be found in Orzammar's Hall of Heroes.
  • Koral Bemot: A dwarven Grey Warden of House Bemot, said to have single-handedly defended the gates of Orzammar from invading darkspawn using a crossbow.[5]
  • Lord Bemot: Current Head[6] of House Bemot and father of Aller Bemot, he is seen during The Nobles' Feast in the throne room petitioning King Endrin Aeducan along with Lord Meino for a matter which is against the dwarven traditions but will generate large profit, but he is eventually persuaded by King Endrin to drop this matter. He may also attend the Honor Proving between the Dwarf Noble and Mandar Dace should this takes place.

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