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House Aeducan is one of the leading and most powerful[1] dwarven noble houses. Nine kings have risen up from its ranks,[2] while many of whom have been recently crowned and thus maintained the whole house into royalty.[note]


As is the case with many dwarven houses, House Aeducan came into being when its founding member was made a Paragon. His election for Paragon was unique as there were no naysayers in the Assembly, only a single abstention making it the most unanimous in history. Aeducan was made a Paragon for leading the dwarven armies against the darkspawn during the First Blight and saving the dwarven race.

The Aeducan Thaig is the ancestral seat of the House as it is the tradition for a noble house to found a new thaig. The settlement is close to Orzammar and it was one of the last to be lost to the darkspawn. It has recently been rediscovered and several expeditions have been made there.[3]

Several smith and warrior Houses have sworn fealty to House Aeducan and craft and bear arms for them. Warrior House Saelac is one of those Houses and in return the Saelacs are considered to have prominent status and position within the Warrior caste.

Known members[]

  • Paragon Aeducan – founder of House Aeducan and king of the Dwarven Empire
  • Anika Aeducan – wife of Paragon Aeducan[4]
  • Durnan Aeducan – a Grey Warden honored in a memorial in the Western Approach
  • King Ragnan Aeducan[5]
  • Queen Valda Aeducan – ruler during the Storm Age; she forged a trade agreement with Emperor Etienne I of Orlais in 7:80 Storm and gifted him a bronto trophy to commemorate this event[6]
  • King Barran Aeducan – ruler during the Blessed Age; King Barran and Grand Duke Gratien made an expedition to the Deep Roads in 8:31 Blessed, an event which further improved the relations between the two nations; a deepstalker trophy was gifted to the Grand Duke to commemorate this event[7]
  • Foral Aeducan – a mace-wielding dwarven Grey Warden[8]
  • King Ansgar Aeducan[9] – father of Endrin Aeducan; King Endrin notes during A Noble Expedition that Ansgar wrote of the lost Aeducan Thaig and mentioned the existence of the prized Aeducan Shield
  • Dwarf Noble's grandmother – mother of King Endrin and presumably the Queen of Ansgar Aeducan; she was also apparently a noteworthy warrior; a female Dwarf Noble wears her armor during her celebration as Orzammar's newest commander[10]
  • King Ansgar's eldest son – former heir to the throne of Orzammar; he was convinced by his younger brother, Endrin, to fight in a Proving against a convicted murderer and died; according to Bhelen, Endrin was responsible for the poison found on the murderer's blade[11]
  • King Endrin Aeducan – second son of King Ansgar Aeducan and the most respected monarch in four generations; he ascended to the throne in 8:96 Blessed[12]
  • Queen of King Endrin – wife of King Endrin and mother of Trian, Dwarf Noble and Bhelen; she died when her children were young; according to Lady Helmi, she would be proud of the Dwarf Noble's new commission, but would disapprove of the Dwarf Noble if they are tricked by Lord Ronus Dace
  • Sister of King Endrin – the mother of Piotin Aeducan
  • Paerin Aeducan – known for the Deep Roads battle named "The Last Stand of Paerin Aeducan" from which Jerrik Dace managed to survive[13]
  • Prince Trian Aeducan – eldest child of King Endrin and Crown Prince of Orzammar on the eve of the Fifth Blight
  • The Dwarf Noble – second child of King Endrin; the Prince or Princess has briefly served as one of Orzammar's military commanders and for a time as the second to their father, King Endrin Aeducan; they are exiled from Orzammar and stripped of their House and caste for the alleged murder of Crown Prince Trian Aeducan, the Noble's older brother; they are killed in the Deep Roads fighting the darkspawn unless the Warden originates from this Origin
    • If the Dwarf Noble assists Bhelen Aeducan in the royal succession:
      King Bhelen immediately reinstates his sibling back to House Aeducan.
    • If the Dwarf Noble assists Pyral Harrowmont in the royal succession:
      After the Fifth Blight is defeated King Harrowmont reinstates the Dwarf Noble back to House Aeducan. If the Warden is still alive, they are also named heir of House Aeducan.
    • If the Dwarf Noble dies at the end of the Fifth Blight:
      The Assembly after months of deliberation declares posthumously the Dwarf Noble as Paragon. Unlike non-dwarven Origins, the body is not cremated but returns to Orzammar and is buried next to their father, King Endrin Aeducan, instead of going to Weisshaupt. A statue is also erected in the Commons and a noble house is founded and named after the new Paragon.
    • If the Dwarf Noble survives the events of the Fifth Blight:
      The Assembly unanimously declares the Dwarf Noble as Paragon and a statue is erected in the Commons. A noble house is also founded and named after the new Paragon drawing members from all castes.
      • Events taking place before 9:41 Dragon and Bhelen is the king:
        He builds a grandiose statue in the Hall of Heroes sparing no expense to honor his sibling who is the second Paragon coming from his House. After the Dwarf Noble's disappearance Bhelen refuses to declare them dead and vows to search for their Paragon.[14]
      • Events taking place before 9:41 Dragon and Harrowmont is the king:
        In the Hall of Heroes he builds a statue for the new Paragon which is smaller than expected prompting deshyrs to accuse the king of cutting costs. After the Dwarf Noble's disappearance Harrowmont declares their Paragon dead, at the will of the Assembly.[14]
  • Prince Bhelen Aeducan – third child of King Endrin; he assumes the leadership of the House as the only surviving child of King Endrin after the latter's death
  • Piotin Aeducan – a nephew of King Endrin Aeducan; he is also a second cousin of the Kenaldan Aeducan line; he is reportedly one of the best Proving fighters and an expert in squad combat; he can be fought in the Proving Arena as the last opponent during the Memorial Proving held in memory of King Endrin, Crown Prince Trian once called him "The horns of my army"
  • Revelka Aeducan – a lesser cousin of the Dwarf Noble that her family decided to be married to a deshyr's heir of House Bemot; she is the secret lover of the Proving fighter Baizyl Harrowmont
  • Gorim Aeducan (conditional) – the Dwarf Noble's Second; he was a warrior from House Saelac and a knight before being exiled to the surface; if the Warden is of Dwarf Noble Origin, Gorim will join House Aeducan at the end of the Fifth Blight and if the Dwarf Noble is alive he can also rejoin them as their Second again
  • Son of the Dwarf Noble (conditional) – he is conceived if a male Dwarf Noble beds Mardy during The Nobles' Feast; the child can be recognized as an Aeducan if Bhelen Aeducan is crowned king
  • Endrin Aeducan – son of Bhelen Aeducan and Rica Brosca and heir to House Aeducan

Family tree[]

King Ansgar Aeducan
Eldest son of Ansgar
King Endrin Aeducan
Queen of King Endrin
Daughter of Ansgar
Trian Aeducan
Dwarf Noble
Bhelen Aeducan
Rica Brosca
Piotin Aeducan
Endrin Aeducan


  • During A Paragon of Her Kind quest line, Harrowmont and Piotin Aeducan mention that the Aeducans ruled for nine generations. However these claims have a chronological conflict with the years that king Annalar Geldinblade[15]/Perethin[16] has ruled.
  • Additionally, a noble located in the Diamond Quarter mentions that House Aeducan has held the throne for 370 years.[17]
    • However it is not possible that 370 years constitute nine generations to the dwarves since Paragon Bemot lived during the Fourth Blight which happened 400 years before the events of Dragon Age: Origins and according to Vartag Gavorn this was sixteen generations ago.

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