Horn of Valor is a warrior ability from the Battlemaster tree in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Information Edit

  • Damage bonus: 15%
  • Armor bonus: 15%
  • Duration: 10 seconds
  • Cooldown time: 18 Seconds
  • Cost: 35 stamina

Upgrade Edit

Horn of Valor That's the Spirit
Requires: Horn of Valor
Your horn's blast calls your allies to even greater glory.

Damage bonus: 35%
Horn of Valor Fortifying Blast
Requires: Trespasser
Horn of Valor now grants guard to your allies each time they deal damage.

Guard Amount: 10%

Crafting materials Edit

Name Tier Effect Acquisition
Fade-Touched Ram Leather (Horn of Valor) 1 10% chance to grant 5 seconds of Horn of Valor.
Fade-Touched August Ram Leather (Horn of Valor) 2 10% chance to grant 8 seconds of Horn of Valor.
Fade-Touched Snoufleur Skin (Horn of Valor) 3 10% chance to grant 12 seconds of Horn of Valor.
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