Honoring the Fallen is an Act 2 side quest in Dragon Age II.

Acquisition Edit

When you talk to Keeper Marethari in Act 2 after completing the main quest Blackpowder Courtesy, she will give you this quest.

Walkthrough Edit

Note: the quest is best done together with Herbalist's Tasks (Act 2) and/or Mirror Image
Honoring the Fallen

Talk to the Keeper in the Dalish Camp. She will tell you about missing hunters. In the Varterral Hunting Grounds near the Dalish Camp you will stumble upon the bodies of 3 Dalish Hunters. Collect their family Amulets and take them back to Keeper Marethari.

  • Radha's Amulet is on the body at the foot of the stairs when you first enter.
  • Harshal's Amulet is on the body further down a passage to the left. Just before the cave spider attack and the area with the Orichalcum.
  • Chandan's Amulet is down the next set of stairs and back to the right just before you "meet" Pol.

Even after you acquire all 3 amulets you must kill the Vartarrel before Keeper Marethari will acknowledge the quest is complete.

Items Edit

Amulet red DA2 Radha's Amulet
Amulet silver DA2 Harshal's Amulet
Amulet red DA2 Chandan's Amulet

Rewards Edit

  • 1000 XP(after killing the Varterral - quest update) - This reward gets added to your XP total in addition to the 1000 XPs received for updating Mirror Image when you kill the Varterral.
  • There appears to be no reward for completing this quest, regardless of whether or not you succeeded in finding the amulets and turning them in to Marethari.

Bugs Edit

Bug icon Bug! If you kill the Varterral before finding all three amulets, Marethari will thank you for the amulets, but the quest log will still read "It's too late to find the remaining amulets." pcIcon pc
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