Walking by Ser Landry in the Market District of Denerim automatically triggers this quest. He recognizes you from Ostagar and denounces you as a Grey Warden traitor.

  1. You can persuade / lie - that you aren't a Grey Warden - he apologizes and walks off.
  2. If you fail harder persuade / intimidate checks regarding Loghain's role in Ostagar (he's personal friends with Loghain) he insists on challenging you to a duel and demands you meet him in the back alley bar behind the Gnawed Noble Tavern. He then heads to the alley.
  3. If you decline the duel - he walks away insisting "this isn't over" (Later, while traveling in Denerim you will have a random encounter where he and his seconds ambush you, forcing you to kill him.)


If you follow him to the back alley you can either jump him (in which case his three knight "seconds" also attack) or accept his one-on-one duel. If you win:

You killed Ser Landry in a duel. Perhaps in his final moments he reconsidered the worth and honor of the Grey Wardens.

He can drop randoms, including money and a nice mace:

  • Engraved mace (Veridium), Damage 6.5, Critical Chance .65%, Armor penetration 5.8, Strength Modifier 1, +1 Dexterity, +1 damage, +5 mental resistance, one enchantment slot.
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