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Honor Bound is a side quest in Dragon Age: Origins. Ser Landry recognizes the Warden from Ostagar and denounces them as a Grey Warden traitor.


Walking by Ser Landry in the Denerim Market District automatically triggers this quest.


  1. With a high enough Coercion skill, you can lie to him and claim that you aren't a Grey Warden; he apologizes and walks off.
  2. You can persuade him that if he's wrong he'll kill an innocent; he says he feels you're guilty but he has no proof, so you'll meet again when he finds some. He walks off.
  3. If you fail harder persuade / intimidate checks regarding Loghain's role in Ostagar (he's personal friends with Loghain), he insists on challenging you to a duel and demands you meet him in the back alley behind the Gnawed Noble Tavern. He then heads to the alley.
  4. If you decline the duel - he walks away insisting "this isn't over". Later, while traveling in Denerim you will have a random encounter where he and his seconds ambush you, forcing you to kill him.

If you select one of the 'persuade' options and are successful, the quest will not appear in your journal.

Note: If you don't want to trigger the encounter but still want to enter the tavern you can avoid it by having as much distance to Ser Landry as possible. By staying on the far left side and making a wide circle around him you will be able to enter the tavern. Using stealth would also be a possibility.
This way you can decide when to confront Landry, like in cases where the Warden does not have a sufficient Coercion skill.


If you follow him to the back alley you can either attack him with your whole party (in which case his 3 knights will also attack) or accept his one-on-one duel (you gain Approves (+1) from Oghren). During the fight, they will use the following skills:

Ser Landry:

Landry's Seconds:

During the one-on-one duel, if you run back to the beginning of the alley Ser Landry will say that he doesn't want to potentially harm the people in the marketplace and withdraw. He will later ambush you in a random encounter.


  • Engraved Mace Engraved Mace from Ser Landry
  • Either a substantial amount of money, or some lesser poultices, runes and crafting reagents.
  • Ser Landry may also drop a piece of the Heavy Plate armor set.
Bug icon Bug! 100 XP was suppose to be awarded if you persuaded Landry that the wardens wouldn't side with the darkspawn or that he'd be killing an innocent. 250 XP was suppose to be awarded if you dueled one-on-one.