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Honnleath is a village in southwestern Ferelden and part of the Arling of Redcliffe.


Honnleath is the home of a mage named Wilhelm Sulzbacher and his family. Wilhelm was a hero of the Fereldan Rebellion against Orlais, fighting alongside Maric Theirin personally on multiple occasions. Afterwards he was permitted to retire to Honnleath, where he lived with his wife and son. A stone statue which the villagers decorate during festivals stands in the village square and is loved by many local birds as a resting and feeding place.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.


Honnleath is overrun by the Darkspawn during the Fifth Blight. Matthias saves several of the villagers using his father's magical defenses installed beneath their home.

As the Warden's party arrives, a pair of villagers flee from a trio of genlocks. The majority of the citizens have been slaughtered and the town is swarming with darkspawn.

The stone statue is in fact a golem named Shale which can become a companion to the Warden.


The Golem in Honnleath The Golem in Honnleath


Wilhelm's Cellar Wilhelm's Cellar



The darkspawn are divided into three groups:

  • First: x3 Genlocks
  • Second: x5 Genlocks (1 with bow) and x3 Hurlocks
  • Third: x6 Genlocks (2 with bows), x4 Hurlocks (x2 with bows), and the Hurlock alpha

Map of the area

Notable items[]

Plot Items:

Bloodied Bronze Key Bloodied Bronze Key, source: Dead Villager


Deathroot Deathroot

Elfroot Elfroot

Weapons: Olaf's Prized Cheese Knife Olaf's Prized Cheese Knife, source: Olaf's Chest

Codex entries[]

Codex entry: A Note from the Honnleath Village Council Codex entry: A Note from the Honnleath Village Council

Special objects[]


  • Cullen is originally from Honnleath.