Hollix is the assumed name of a Rivaini Lord of Fortune who once worked a job in Minrathous with Dorian Pavus and Maevaris Tilani.

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Hollix spent five years in Master Ignaldo's Fabulous Circus of Rivain, which left them with significant acrobatic skills. They're also decent at disguises, able to pass as a different gender or race when needed. They learned how to use makeup and wigs on a stage in Ferelden, and how to alter their voice pitch and mimic accents from an elven friend—possibly Elim, an elven Lord of Fortune noted for her mastery of accents.[2][3]

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Dragon Age: Tevinter Nights Edit

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Dragon Age: Tevinter Nights.

BioWare canon
The plot follows BioWare's own canon, meaning it may not follow some of the player's choices in the games.

In a tavern in Dairsmuid, Hollix retells one of their adventures, a monster hunt in Minrathous.

After they are caught eavesdropping on a secret magister card game to learn more information on a new mysterious monster, Dorian Pavus hires them to hunt it down. The monster has been dubbed the Cekorax because it beheaded all of its victims. Thanks to Mizzy, a young girl who witnessed one of the attacks, Hollix finds the Cekorax in the sewers. It's a massive tentacled monster speaking in the many voices of its victims, urging Hollix to join them inside. Although this encounter initially prompts Hollix to abandon the hunt, seeing Mizzy again inspires them to kill the monster for her sake.

Hollix, Dorian, Maevaris Tilani and Mizzy lure the Cekorax in the gardens of the city. It peels open at the top to reveal a ring of dozens of eyeless heads, which it calls a "crown of the blind." Together, the group kills the monster, which only leaves behind a sort of skin. Dorian is no closer to understanding what that monster was, though he recalls that a Mortalitasi once told him of things "past the Veil of our world, neither demon nor spirit." As agreed, Dorian rewards Hollix with a thousand aurums for fulfilling the bounty. Hollix gives half of it to Mizzy for her role in the hunt. They also offer to teach her more about the ways of the Lords of Fortune, but Mizzy refuses because she's got family to take care of now that she's got the money to do so. She says that she might visit when she's older, and exhorts Hollix not to forget her.

Beyond coin, Hollix also keeps the map case that Dorian gave them to help in their hunt: a cylinder decorated with indigo sapphires.

Trivia Edit

  • "Hollix" is the name that Dorian gives them when creating a cover story for their interruption of the meeting. It was the name of Dorian's mother's pet nug. He says it means something like 'irrepressible rascal' in old Tevene.[2] Hollix's real name is never given.

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