Hissera is a player-controlled protagonist in Dragon Age: Inquisition's multiplayer.

Background Edit

Hissera was training as a priestess when her magic manifested. She learned to serve the Qun as a saarebas instead, her lips sewn shut and her actions monitored to protect her from demons. She lived a simple, dutiful life until the Qunari, seeking an alliance with the Inquisition, sent her to help restore order to the decadent South. Now, without an arvaarad to guard her, she must trust in the Qun, and her own power, to keep her safe from corruption.

Playstyle Edit

Hissera cast powerful spells from one of the three different stances: the Opening Stance, the Flow Stance, and the powerful Finishing Stance. Hissera's spells act differently when cast from different stances, and Hissera automatically moves into a new stance each time to cast any spell.

Initial equipment Edit

Weapons DAI-stafficon4-common Inquisition Staff
Armor Apprentice Armor Icon Saarebas's Taaras-Saar

Abilities Edit

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Note: Not all of these abilities have the same preceding requirements as in single player.


Saarebas Protection Skill Set

Protection Skill Set

Asaar's Leap Icon Hq Asaara's Leap
Activated You twist the magic of the Veil to rapidly move yourself across the battlefield.

300% Weapon Damage
Asaar's Leap Icon Hq Leap of Freedom
Requires: Asaara's Leap
Using Asaara's leap frees you from ongoing status effects.
Guardian Spirit Guardian Spirit
Passive A protective barrier springs into place around you automatically when you are badly injured.

Constitution +3
It'll Cost You Psychic Backlash
Passive Enemies that hit you with a melee attack have a chance to be stunned for a short time.

Stun Chance: 5%
Stun Duration: 2 seconds
Constitution + 3
Composed icon Mastery
Passive You have faced many trials and tribulations in your journey. You've become more attuned with your heritage and have become stronger.

Magic + 5
Cunning + 4
Saar-Taar Shield Icon HQ Saar-Taar Shield
Activated You create a barrier of magical energy to protect yourself from damage.

300% Weapon Damage
Saar-Taar Shield Icon HQ Shield of Peace
Requires: Saar-Taar Shield
Forming a barrier while in the flow stance now knocks down enemies and makes them less likely to target you again.
Static Charge Static Charge
Passive You sheathe yourself in lightning while casting spells. Enemies that attempt to interrupt your casting with attacks are struck by arcs that leave them paralyzed.

Electric Damage: 100% weapon damage
Constitution + 3
Wall of Hissra Icon HQ Wall of Hissra
Duration: 6 seconds
You create a wall of elemental magic before you, hindering enemies that pass through it.

300% Weapon Damage
Wall of Hissra Icon HQ Lasting Illusions
Duration: +4 seconds
Requires: Wall of Hissra
Your elemental walls last longer.
Ataashi's Breath Icon HQ Ataashi's Breath
Range: 5 meters
You unleash an elemental attack on all enemies that stand before you.

300% Weapon Damage
Ataashi's Breath Icon HQ High Dragon's Breath
Range: +3 meters
Requires: Ataashi's Breath
Your attack reaches farther and covers a wider area before you.
Showmanship Ver 2 icon From Knowledge, Strength
Passive Whenever an enemy dies near you, your maximum health is increased.

Constitution + 3
Ring of Asaaranda Icon Ring of Asaaranda
Range: 8 meters
Duration: 12 seconds
You create a ring of elemental energy around you, helping allies inside it while hindering your enemies.
Ring of Asaaranda Icon Ring of the Kadan
Duration: 8 seconds
Requires: Ring of Asaaranda
Your attack reaches farther and covers a wider area before you.
From Power, Mastery Icon HQ With Balance, Stillness
Passive While in the flow stance, you are immune to snares and immobilizing effects.

Constitution + 3
Glyphs of Aqun Icon HQ Glyphs of Aqun
Activated You create magical glyphs that protect and empower you.
Glyphs of Aqun Icon HQ Glyphs of Issqun
Requires: Glyphs of Aqun
Your Glpyhs now also apply to your closest alley at the time of casting.
Fade Shield icon With Strength, Endurance
Passive You take less damage while you are casting spells.

Constitution + 3
Damage Reduction: 20%
Ico SkyW ElemAttunement Elemental Attunement
Passive Burning, chilled, and shocked effects you cause on enemies last longer.

Chilled, Burning and Shocked duration increased by 25%
Strength + 3


Mastery Skill Set

Mastery Skill Set

Baquon Barrage Icon HQ Baqoun Barrage
Activated You blast a flurry of elementally charged projectiles at your target.

300% Weapon Damage
Baquon Barrage Icon HQ Wild Barrage
Requires: Baqoun Barrage
Your elemental projectiles now pick targets at random but deal more damage.

100% Damage Bonus
Curse of Shokasit Icon HQ Curse of Shokasit
Duration: 8 seconds
Curse of Shokasit Icon HQ Binding Curse
Requires: Curse of Shokasit
The target's movement speed is reduced while they are under the effect of the curse.
I Was Never Here inq icon Return to Dust
Passive Each hit increases your change of a critical hit. Landing a critical hit resets the bonus.

Cunning + 3
Gaatlok Blast Icon HQ Gaatlok Blast
Activated You draw a stone from the Fade, charge it with elemental magic, and hurl it at an enemy.

400% Weapon Damage
Gaatlok Blast Icon HQ Staggering Blast
Requires: Gaatlok Blast
When cast in the flow stance, this spell functions as an impact detonator.
Stormbringer Stormbringer
Cooldown: 15s
The storm comes to your aid even without your calling it. When you are in combat, lightning will periodically strike a random nearby target.

Electric Damage: 300% weapon damage
Magic + 3
Itwa-Adim Explosion HQ Itwa-Adim Explosion
Range: 4 meters
You detonate the area around an enemy with a burst of elemental energy.
Itwa-Adim Explosion HQ Explosive Wave
Range: + 3 meters
Requires: Itwa-Adim Explosion
Your elemental damage has a larger radius.
Ico SkyW ElemFury Elemental Fury
Passive You deal increased damage to burning, chilled, and shocked targets.

Damage bonus: +25% to burning, chilled or shocked targets
Strength + 3
Athlok Burst Icon HQ Athlok Burst
Activated You summon the power of The Fade to strike enemies all around you.
Athlok Burst Icon HQ Staggering Burst
Requires: Athlok Burst
The Finishing-stance version of this spell now immediately shatters the enemies it freezes.
Power of the Dead Power of the Dead
Requires: Death Siphon
Killing enemies attracts spirits that increase the power of your spells for a short time.

Damage Bonus: 20%
Duration: 10 seconds
Willpower +3
Guard Smasher Guard-Smasher
Passive You've learned how to batter through your enemy's defenses, doing more damage to their guard with every hit.

Bonus damage vs. Guard: 100%
Strength + 3
Makers Will In Knowledge, Power
Passive You draw upon your staff's elemental charge to deal more damage with spells of that same element.

Magic + 3
Shield Breaker What Is and Is Not
Passive You deal extra damage to barriers.

Magic + 3
Blood Frenzy inq icon Hastened Demise
Passive A wounded enemy is the perfect target. Your attacks are even deadlier against targets that are close to death already.

Damage Bonus: 2% for each 10% missing health
Magic +3
Hand of Issqun Icon Hq Hand of Issqun
Activated You telekinetically grab hold of a target and move them by force of will.
Hand of Issqun Icon Hq Boon of Issqun
Requires: Hand of Issqun
Striking an enemy with this spell restores your own health.
Rejuvenating Barrier In Ignorance, Weakness
Passive You are immune to being interrupted while casting spells in the finishing stance.

Constitution + 3
From Power, Mastery Icon HQ From Power, Mastery
Passive Killing an enemy creates an explosion of spirit energy that damages enemies in the area.

400% Weapon Damage
Willpower + 3

Trivia Edit

  • Hissera means "Hope" in Qunlat.

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