Hightown is the wealthy district of Kirkwall. As its name implies, it sits on the higher part of the city.

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At the height of the Tevinter Imperium's slave trade, Kirkwall's elite prospered beyond dreams of avarice. Hightown was built for the wealthiest slavers, its glitzy mansions rising atop a great wall of rock that borders, on one side, the Waking Sea. Lowtown cowered on its other side until Kirkwall's slaves rose to plunder and destroy Hightown's riches.

Today, Hightown's prominent buildings are the Keep, home to the ruling viscount, and the chantry, home to the grand cleric and the city's religious center. Both are converted estates that once housed wealthy magisters, rebuilt and converted after the uprising.

—From In Pursuit of Knowledge: The Travels of a Chantry Scholar, by Brother Genitivi
—From Codex entry: Kirkwall - Hightown

Everyone who is anyone in Kirkwall lives in Hightown, and they give little thought to what goes on in Lowtown other than to complain when the wind drags up the stench from its foundries or ancient mines. People in Hightown feel safe, not because the city's walls are impregnable, but because an invader would need to scale the stairs from Lowtown in order to reach them. Many bloody battles have been fought on those narrow stairs, and in several wars Hightown has held out for months after Lowtown was taken. The wealthy often forget, however, that those stairs are also their only escape.[1]

In the lowest alley of the district, several merchants peddle their wares. In a higher alley, the Dwarven Merchants' Guild is headquartered with one street leading to the Blooming Rose and the other to the Viscount's Keep and the Hawke Estate. The street eventually leads to the Kirkwall Chantry. A small staircase from there leads to the several estates of Kirkwall's elite. Although Hightown is a tranquil section of Kirkwall during the day, many gang operations surface during night time: Hightown is a center for many criminal factions.

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Map of the area

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Gamlen's House Hawke Estate icon Hawke Estate
Hightown icon Bartrand's Estate
Hightown icon De Launcet Mansion
Fenris's Mansion Icon Fenris's Mansion
Hightown icon Harimann Estate
Hightown icon The Blooming Rose

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Act 1Edit

Quest icon DA2 A Friend in the Guard
Quest icon DA2 Enemies Among Us
Quest icon DA2 The Deep Roads Expedition
Quest icon DA2 Night Lies
Quest icon DA2 Loose Ends
Quest icon DA2 Magistrate's Orders
Quest icon DA2 The Unbidden Rescue
Quest icon DA2 The First Sacrifice
Quest icon DA2 Duty
Quest icon DA2 Bait and Switch
Quest icon DA2 Fenris Recruited
Quest icon DA2 Caste Treatise and House Accounting
Quest icon DA2 Inside Job
Quest icon DA2 Get Back to Work
Quest icon DA2 The Bone Pit

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Quest icon DA2 Demands of the Qun
Quest icon DA2 Bounty Hunter
Quest icon DA2 Ladies' Lights Out
Quest icon DA2 Sketchy on the Details
Quest icon DA2 Fool's Gold
Quest icon DA2 Elves at Large
Quest icon DA2 The Midnight Meeting
Quest icon DA2 Wentworth's Sixth Finger
Quest icon DA2 Seal of the Old God Dumat
Quest icon DA2 The Seal of House Talwain
Quest icon DA2 The One True Pantaloons

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Quest icon DA2 Showdown
Quest icon DA2 Best Served Cold
Quest icon DA2 The Lost Swords
Quest icon DA2 Red Run Streets
Quest icon DA2 A Noble Agenda
Quest icon DA2 A Murder of Crows
Quest icon DA2 Finding Nathaniel
Quest icon DA2 Mine Massacre

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  • In the Hightown Estates the large rectangular courtyard at the west end of the estates (furthest point west in all of Hightown) contains a hidden alley that doesn't appear on the minimap (easily detected visually though). It is the only area in Hightown that extends outside of the borders on the minimap, you can find others along the Wounded Coast. During Act 1 it has random loot during the day and night, no loot during Act 2 and then a Master level locked chest during Act 3 at night (40 cunning to open - 200 XP). This alley is also a spawn point during the initial fight during Best Served Cold.
  • There is a book on a stand containing Codex entry: The Dwarven Merchants Guild between where Bartrand Tethras and Bodahn Feddic are standing in Act 1. It can be very easily missed because it does not show up when you are inspecting the area for interactable objects.

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Codex icon DA2 Codex entry: Kirkwall - Hightown

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